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Get the information you can about acne rosacea

Skin and eye disorders, acne rosacea is a type of acne known thanks to the appearance of pustules and also vascular disease in the affected tissues.

To date, the factor that triggers acne rosacea has not been given an explanation even if we know that sun exposure increases the chances of growth disorder. The area of ​​the face and chest are the most affected parts of the body both hot flushes and the outbreak of pustules, and the disease will get worse after spicy food, hot drinks and alcohol.


It seems that acne rosacea has been reported in women than guys, with the preponderance of affliction in the mature group. Thus, almost all the conditions are actually reported on people, somewhere between 30 and 60, but here we need to add that black skin is much more difficult to diagnose. Although many hypotheses have been created on the preponderance of people with rosacea fair-skinned, the principle is not based on medical evidence.

The lesions of the skin condition acne individuals usually appear on the chin and cheeks, or in the nasal area, however the front of the forehead is usually affected. Although oily appearance of the skin makes acne rosacea resemble acne vulgaris, differences exist. In the usual forms of acne, blackheads are widely distributed, whereas with rosacea they surface just inside the location of the hunt. In addition, rosacea is characterized by hypertrophy, which is not seen with acne vulgaris.

Because rosacea is really a recurrent disease commonly develops its development for many years, marked by criticism shows, performed by inflammation. In most cases, topical corticosteroids are made to reduce the concentration of symptoms and also improve the condition, however, they may be prescribed for long-term treatment because of the possibility of causing atrophy or long term vasodilation tissue. Health care professionals most elect therefore advise the systemic rather than topical treatment.

Regarding changes in the skin caused by acne rosacea, surgery may turn out to be necessary, but just after the test execution and also the exclusive recommendation of a dermatologist.Electrocautery and laser procedure tunable dye characterize the two main alternatives in the circumstances, but you can also choose excision, skin grafting, dermabrasion and so on. The treatment of acne rosacea should not be dismissed or postponed even if the disorder showed an improvement over certain periods of time.

The acne treatments that work – How to Cure Acne Fast

I think most people will get bored of products against acne on the market because they just do not seem to be able to cure your acne permanently. While the long-term satisfaction is certainly available and will be discussed here, this article will also explore in some of the reasons that products on the market do not work well.

Drugs, creams and ointments, supplied literally applied to the surface of the problem, but acne is caused by a multitude of factors that occur under the skin surface, such as excessive production of sebum, clogged pores and chemical and hormone imbalances. Creams and gels, as mentioned, can lighten the skin temporarily and we can take antibiotics kill bacteria infecting the skin. But good bacteria in the body are killed, and the imbalances and poisons causing acne are still there and cause another outbreak.

Acne can be rid of – for good, but not treating just the symptoms, but also by addressing the causes fondamentales.Si your crops are not good – if the leaves are turning yellow and brown and fall – you paint the green belt and in the trunk, so they look good? Or you look at what could be the cause of the problem and deal with what you find?


Get the information you can about acne rosacea

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