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Get the tips to stay beautiful in the summer

In the summer, it’s hard to keep us to the left, because the heat and the atmosphere make the race makeup, lotions evaporate, and hair dryer. Still, there are products you can use to look pretty. Here are some tips you can use to stay fresh and beautiful in the summer.


Use a deodorant body spray. The smell lasts for a long time if you apply it on the neck, chest and elsewhere. She does not evaporate as easily as a lotion and you will feel fresh for long. Lightweight scarves pillows in your wallet. As much as we want it to last heat in make-up and then its effects must have a hand towel that quickly leaves as new.



Use cucumber mask, or nail clippers to make toast in your eyes overnight. He will give you rest. It will help you relax and help your skin to withstand the UV excess summer.

He carries his deodorant for all parties. Choose well what you are going to use, because there are many types on the market: choose the one that best suit your skin and use it if you get in the water too hot or somewhere.
Always walk with your sunscreen. He should be a factor in high, above 35, enough to protect you from the sun and can be applied frequently, especially if you’re at the beach or somewhere where will the water receding. Remember to apply approximately 30 minutes before entering the water, but you should read the instructions to bring the container.

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