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Get to know Dior skin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25

Besides serum ONE Essential whose description can be found here , I was extremely impressed by the new foundation – Diorskin Forever. With some of the ingredients in common, you can imagine that, used together, the two products give incredible results.

The official description: More than a foundation is a combination of a makeup product and care. A fluid foundation that contains moisturizing agents, mattifying ingredients and mallow flower extract to refine skin texture and enhance endurance makeup. Over time, skin becomes uniform and smooth.

Availability in two textures – a version fluid and compact rechargeable version. For fluid version there are 12 shades in one compact while there are 10 shades.


  • medium to high coverage.
  • semi-matte finish.
  • natural, powdered.
  • not loaded face and the mask has no effect.
  • Daily use helps to treat skin imperfections and smooth.
  • SPF 25

What I liked about this foundation is that it fulfills all the promises made. I would recommend it for people with mixed or oily skin, oily skin definitely recommend it for people with problematic acne imperfections. Would not recommend it for people with dry skin or those with mature skin as wrinkles highlights mattifying effect. For these types of skin, better try Capture Totale (mature skin) or Diorskin Nude.

I was impressed by his strength and – if the promotional brochure mentioned that last between 12 and 16 hours, I’ve used it daily, applied at 8-9 up in the morning and evening to 11 I felt the need to trim.

What I liked most though, is the final look – really look like a second skin. They are usually reluctant when hearing such descriptions, but attempting it I believe. And not only my complexion, but of so many others.

Feedback from clients who have tested this foundation: people with more oily skin than mine found a discreet shine in the T after a day of use, but “nothing disturbing that requires absolutely retouch” and another lady extremely spontaneous said “looks exactly like when you brush in Photoshop, clean all” :)

Forever cover acne very well, here is a demonstration of the before / after:

TIP: Apply very little foundation and well smoothed with a brush or fingers. With a fairly consistent formula is enough a small amount of product to cover the entire face. Such a light texture powder is recommended to use discrete anyway.

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