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Gift Ideas: Tips and tricks alphabet

One of the first tips for embroidering the alphabet is to find the design that you want to achieve and especially to know exactly how to not spoil the model.Even if the work is meticulous, the result is usually after exercise fun!

For an original and personalized gift or just for fun, it is possible to embroider the alphabet on a towel or mat and form a name or more original, write a message.Whether you are beginner or expert in embroidery, some tips for successful enough letters.It must first be organized and know exactly what we want: which letter and how to use.It will therefore find models that we like and try embroidering the letters of the alphabet.


Models for embroidery alphabet

  • It is clear that the main step is to find models drawing alphabet order, thereafter, be inspired to embroider the alphabet. If you are a beginner, it will be important to choose a stitch simple and accessible to beginners.
  • It is possible to find patterns in books or magazines with embroidery detailed explanations and advice.
  • Internet is also a treasure for all fans of borderie looking to embroider the alphabet. You can go on specialized forums where a community of enthusiasts exchange their models and discuss everything related to embroidery.
  • After finding the design need, it will print or detach the magazine to have on hand on paper.


How to embroider the alphabet

  • Now that the model is chosen, it will be important to follow the directions carefully to embroider the alphabet. First, it will be necessary to transfer the pattern onto the fabric for embroidery. The first step is to transfer the drawing on the canvas embroidery. Several techniques are possible and interesting.
  • Some use the method of the glass. It’s very simple, just place a window between drawing and painting fabric. Then placed the glass, drawing down on an illuminated surface and traces on the fabric, pencil end, the drawing is visible.
  • Now that the design is on fabric, it will go to embroider the alphabet. In general, each model offers embroidery indications on the nature of the item and the number of points to embroider.
  • It is also important to ensure the spacing of the letters of the alphabet that embroiders and maintain the same distance between each letter.

Gift Ideas: Tips and tricks alphabet

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