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Gray eye makeup

Find out how to a beautiful gray eyes.

Choose suitable colors

Gray eyes are rare and beautiful, but they require a formal beauty. The key element to consider when you want the makeup is the choice of colors.

Most gray eyes have similarities with blue eyes. Also, it is important not to take the wrong colors when choosing her mascara , her shadow, her pencil kohl or eyeliner.

As gray eyes are clear and return a certain purity, it will accentuate it by opting for black, dark purple, navy blue, dark green, light pink, yellow pearl …

However, be aware that some gray eyes shoot more towards green or black than blue. In this case, choose colors of eye shadow with iridescent greenish or pearly.

Mascara side, it would be bad taste to play on colors. It will remain on the classic but the effective, with a deep black. One can possibly opt for a product with a silvery sheen for evening makeup.


Eye makeup blue-gray day and evening

Daytime and evening, it is important to make up his gray eyes to bring out the purity and brightness, but the choice of colors will be different.

Day, every day, we can sublimate with a black kohl pencil on movable eyelids and in the lower parts of the eyes. It adds a gradient shadow color purple, which starts from the corner of the eye for up to one centimeter inner ends of the eyebrows. Finally, we put a coat of black mascara to perfect everything.

In the evening, we draw a line of black eyeliner in the lower parts of the eyes, and then removing the black paint on transparent movable eyelids and corners. To perfect everything, apply two or three coats of black mascara with metallic silver highlights.


Mistakes to avoid

– It avoids all the shades of gray, so as not to make the tone on tone which adds nothing to the implementation beauty.

– We forget the colors too bland or too pastel that will not look to the value.

– Chestnuts are also to be avoided, as in fashion, they do not agree with gray.

– We forget the colors blue or green for the mascara.



Gray eye makeup

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