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Groomed feet for Summer: Tips

Groomed feet for the summer can be reached quickly with relatively little maintenance.

Soon attract the sunrise and we dig our sandals out of the closet.But, oh horror: The winter has left its mark.Groomed feet for summer now everyone wants, but wont be as harsh winter feet touch in?Regular grooming is the riddle.Our feet make daily hard work and often without attention.They deserve every now and then a little spa treatment.


Daily care

  • Get groomed feet for the summer is actually quite simple. Every day a little foot bath water brings in well-tempered, tired feet again quickly moving. Then dry them well, not the toe spaces forget!


  • Massage a rich cream and you have a daily cleaning done. Once a week you should see your feet but take a little spa treatment. Whether summer or winter, your feet will thank you.


Weekly spa treatment

  • For the spa treatment, take a time off quietly. Thirty minutes is usually suffice. Relax your feet for about ten minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water and a nice bath additive. Whether this is a effervescent tablet, lavender, rose essence or pine needle addition, your personal preference remains left.


  • A scrub does the feet well now. A mixture of one part sugar and one part milk nourishes the skin while re-tender. Superfluous cornea is removed with a special file or a pumice stone. But beware! Do not remove too much! Callus formation is a natural protective function of the skin.


  • When finished, you can now apply a special foot mask. Alternatively, a rich body cream. Let stand for 15 minutes and the remains with a tissue removed.


Nail care

  • Groomed feet for the summer are also determined by the nail care. Every three weeks, so a pedicure is due. Trim the nails carefully, but not cut too deeply into the Ecken.Schmerzhaft ingrown nails would be the consequence.


  • Foot problems, such as diabetics, are in the hands of a medical pedicure. Modern nail salons also offer pedicure treatments. Here you can look for the care his nails also have the same style.


Nail Styling

  • Groomed feet for summer deserve a modern styling. Whether you decide it is for the elegant French-style, polished nails or paint a great matter. But one should be the top priority correct-splinter of nail polish quickly. Everything else is just sloppy!



Groomed feet for Summer: Tips

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