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Grooved nails – How to have beautiful hands still?

The causes of nail grooves are varied but generally result from behavioral and environmental factors that damage the appearance of your hands.

The hands are an indicator of your femininity and your health.Similarly, grooved nails often indicate a deficiency or a disease.But that should not stop you from putting your hands in value.Here are some tips to cover the grooves and have beautiful hands.

Nail care from within

  • A healthy lifestyle is crucial to reduce the appearance of the nails and have grooved radiant hands. Start with a healthy diet based on fish, shellfish, nuts and cereals to rise your rate in vitamin B. Add to this diet dietary supplements of iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium or yeast to address deficiencies in calcium or mineral salts which are often the causes of damaged nails.
  • In addition, a sleep and quitting will allow better distribution of vitamins in your body and act more effectively on the nails.

Nail care outside

  • Your daily source of attacks is significant for your hands. Dishes, household products, cold, pollution and stress are factors that make your hands and nails in danger. Grooved nails are more fragile, protect your hands with gloves when further chores. A good manicure begins with a clean nails with nail polish remover without acetone nutritious and then washing hands with soap and water.
  • It is always better to file your nails instead of cutting them. Favor a cardboard file to a metal file not to further weaken your nails. Before nail polish, make an oil massage with regenerating grooved to strengthen nails. Finally, do not forget to drop a hardener prior to staining to protect your nails. After staining, moisturize your hands to finalize everything. But in all cases, seek the advice of a doctor for a diagnosis targeted.

How to have beautiful hands still

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