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Hair Damage Repair: Say good bye to dull and rough hair with these simple remedies

To have long, healthy and shiny hair is the dream of every girl. Hair adds beauty in your personality and makes it more eye-catching. Your overall appearance looks perfect only when you have gleaming hair. But nowadays every one is facing a lot of trouble regarding hair fall and hair damage and its much more in young teenage girls. It’s in hand of everyone to have good-looking hair, just you need to handle your hair with great care and you will surprisingly get positive results. Here are some simple solutions for dull dry and damage hair.

1:  Hair Trimming

 It’s totally the wrong concept that by cutting your hair, they will not grow again quickly. If you really want long hair then go to a good parlor nearby you and trim your hair after every 8-12 weeks necessarily.

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2: Oil Massage

Make a habit of applying oil in your hair before every bath. It’s not important to keep it in your hair for hours. 15-20 are enough for hair to be get nourished with oil. Always apply lukewarm oil into your hair not warm and massage in scalp as it will regulate blood circulation and increase blood flow rate. Olive, coconut, Sesame, Almond and Sarson oil are all good for hair massage.

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3: Shampoo and Conditioning

Always go for a right choice for shampoo and choose the one with less chemicals. Avoid using shampoo daily as it will make hair brittle and they will lose their natural shine. To condition your hair after every wash is not so necessary because for some people it’s not so beneficial. But do Deep Condition your hair twice a week or once in a week with any good deep conditioner available in market.

 4: Hair serum

If your hair are frizzy or tangle then use hair serum after washing your hair. It will prevent your hair from breakage.

 5: Stop using Heat products

Put your straighteners, rods, blow dryers everything in your cupboard for sometime. Continuous heat will burn your hair and will create split ends. Do use heat protective spray before using these heat items.

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6: Healthy Diet

Most important of all is to have healthy nutritious diet. If you are healthy from inside then you will automatically look fresh. Make a habit of having a balanced protein diet and sleep adequate. Improper sleep and stress are also the reasons for hair fall and damage.

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6: Home remedies

You can go for home remedies to solve this problem.  Use of yogurt, egg, honey, lemon, milk, Amla, mash of bananas and strawberry mixed with milk will make your hair healthy and silky.

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