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Hair removal in the genital area – clear cutting allowed

Hair removal in the genital area: Clear cutting in the panties come in strong fashion. But not only for the partners in such a smooth pubic area is delightful. More and more women can depilate for the upcoming bikini season.

The thing with the hair removal in the genital area is tricky.Especially in summer, when time is bikini panties and can not sit tight enough to have women deal with the question: How can I quickly and permanently get rid of those pesky stubble in the genital area?

Even on vacation you do not want every day in the shower with a razor and rage, especially since it is well known for frequent shaving comes to ugly skin irritations.So what to do?

The most effective method in addition to a costly laser treatment is probably the treatment with hot wax.It holds up to four weeks and if you do it often enough, barely grow hair after.But the pain!Who says they do not hurt at all that that is either fairly tested in self-deception, or he waddles in his spare time over hot coals.
Those who still want to try: Please let go only from a pro!At home, the procedure does little and only brings more pain with it.

Depilatory creams?
In addition, there are special depilatory creams for the bikini area, but that promise more than they can deliver.Just the sensitive skin in the pubic area almost always responds to the sulfur-containing creams.And bring it often does not matter, because then a lot of hair to stand still as brave in place as before.So you have, in the worst case, not only a hairy area where supposed to be smooth skin, but also still red pimples around the panties.Well thank you!

There are women who take infinite patience for their hair removal in Imtimbereich and insert a Zupftag.Yes, the Zupftag!The looks that woman a seat on a chair and puts his head bowed with each hair individually plucked from the skin.Admittedly, it does not hurt as much as the growing, but it takes forever and then the neck pain are not to be underestimated.
Red dots are there also that, while the next day off, but can immediately go to the beach then you can not also.

So what is the best method to get rid of the hair?Women should stand and even to allow it to stand entirely?

Helpful did not want to accept it and went into a hamburger cosmetic studio, which has specialized almost exclusively on the depilation.
Christina Stuhr, technical expert recommends us the Sugar Waxing.A method that works similar to the Halawa, with a mass of sugar, water and lemon juice.
Christina Stuhr favors this treatment due to the relative softness, because the sugar mixture, plotted against the direction of hair growth, ensures that the substance is to fully pressed into the pores.It is then pulled in the direction of hair growth.So it is less painful, but it will be so much hair as possible taken by the distribution of mass in the pores.
“The customers themselves say, as opposed to waxing, the sugaring less painful.It also lasts longer.Who has come to grow every four weeks, here comes only once every six weeks.Must do. ”

Who is curious can seek advice at the beauty salon.We recommend not just to start with a clear cut.Is good for a start, only to let it remove the side panels.
Hair removal in the genital area - clear cutting allowed

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