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Hairstyles for long hair

Sophisticated hairstyles for long hair

For a special occasion or just because you want to change your mind, you can try sophisticated hairstyles you see in salons.

To display sophisticated hairstyles for long hair or short, it does not necessarily need to go to the hairdresser.By following the steps, you should get out easily.Several sophisticated hairstyles are actually very simple to make.Sometimes a few accessories will do the trick.

A sophisticated ponytail

The ponytail is all that is simpler, but touches can transform it into sophisticated hairstyles.On the occasion of a party for example, before attaching the hair, it must be the gainer or a mousse or with lacquer, which will give them a smooth and shiny appearance.Then, there is her hair in a ponytail high on the head.Side strict hairstyle is what makes all the elegance.Then finally smoothing the hair well.

The best bun

For a large event, the bun is among the most sophisticated hairstyles requested, whether for a social event, New Year or a wedding.Undoubtedly, this is a hairstyle for long hair.The bun comes in several models, such as the banana chignon or bun with chopsticks or neo-bun which is to raise the tip of the ponytail on the top of the head.

A braided bun in the French

Other sophisticated hairstyles are easy to achieve, including the braid bun.The base is a classic ponytail.We made several small braids desired thickness that wraps around the elastic holding the ponytail.They did hold with tongs bun.The front can be smooth and flat like a classic chignon, or we can add a touch of sophistication with a lock on the side which has made a very smooth brushing.The clips chignon can become genuine accessories with beads at the end or small stones.


hairstyles for long hair

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