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Hairstyles for medium length hair

This fall, the trend is shoulder-length hair.But beware, it can quickly become a hairstyle vieillote if we do not take care.There are sophisticated hairstyles for long hair that will make you a model to follow.

The length hair will be very trendy . This haircut is suitable for all face shapes and styles because they all allow many hairstyles.It is with this hair length sophisticated hairstyles for all hair types, curly or stiff, thick or thin.

Her hair by hair type

  • To make sophisticated hairstyles with medium length hair when they are stiff they must rely on the gradient to give effect to the unstructured haircut. You can choose a fringe or a wick aside to finish the haircut.
  • Whereas when the hair is curly, you can choose between a straight cut or a gradient. The key is to take good care of her curls so that they fall on the shoulders and are not unsightly frizz.In this case, the fringe is not recommended.
  • Then, for modernity, the hairstyle can be accessorised with a headband or barrettes. For sophisticated hairstyles, think braids are perfect on medium length hair

Able to control the thickness of the hair

  • When one has the medium length hair is that you want a sophisticated hairstyle, it is important to focus on the volume. Therefore, if you have a rather flat hair, use hairspray. It will be sprayed under the hairline to increase the volume.
  • As for straight hair, a gradient significantly increase the thickness of the hair. If you have already thick hair, then voila, it will still ensure the control volume.
  • Sophisticated hairstyles will therefore not necessarily very complicated to achieve even for a beginner. You should know that this season, to be fashionable, we must rely on movement and volume.

hairstyles for medium length hair

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