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Hairstyles ideas to replicate at home

Go to the hairdresser is a great time to be beautiful or change the type of hair, but it also represents a certain budget.In order to save some money and wear a nice hairstyle hairstyles here are some suggestions to replicate at home.

There are magazines, online sites of professional hairdressers hairstyles to replicate at home.Some hairstyles are more difficult than others, but all require the same hardware.Indeed, for her hair, it takes at least a comb, a hairbrush and rubber bands or other similar types of hair accessories.If you need to wash your hair before styling, it is better to have a shampoo after shampoo, balm hair are very dry and a hair dryer!

Short hair
Ideas for hairstyles for short hair breed are very varied and very fashionable with many celebrities.But it is not easy to cut hair yourself.It is even recommended to do so unless they get help from a third party.Pretty designs can be reproduced: a gradient (in this case it brings the hair before and after cutting centimeters centimeters to the desired size), a straight fringe, cut hedgehog or disorder (in this case is given the desired shape by ruffling hair or by reducing them to the top of the head plate that with gel) …

Medium length hair
For those who have medium length hair, hairstyle ideas are not lacking: banana, low bun, high bun, curly hair (the hair is matted and posted the day before the next day) ponytail …

Long hair
Can be hair that has the largest number of models to reproduce hairstyles: curly hair ponytail high, low or side bun banana braid bun, bun twisted braid long hair bound with quilts, Crinkle Cut (thanks to put curlers the night before) ….

In all cases, use your imagination!
Hairstyles ideas to replicate at home

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