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Hand and nail care: the most beautiful for her wedding!

Tus manos el aspecto of Fundamental're a punto in the estética the novia
Of manicured hands and nails impeccable: a requirement for the bride!

“Be nice to your fingertips” is an expression more than adequate for you brides ..! Yes we know, it is essential to take care of your skin and body in order to be the top and radiant on her wedding day . And when we talk about beauty and marriage, we necessarily think themanicure . Too often we tend to overlook this aspect by doing a simple manicure and yet … there no Do not qu’indéfiniment a photo you see in the photo albums of your friends married??? If course, one representing the exchange of rings. Here are some tips to ensure that your hands are up to the big day …

Do not hesitate to spend their time! Yes your hands will be more than be honored during the celebration of your wedding, then pamper them! As I told you, the photographer will want to zoom in on your hands when the exchange of consent to immortalize this moment. In the foreground of the photo, so your hands will be the stars! So be sure that they have to look great!

Please note: we are currently in the midst autumn and little annoyances that season and winter coming to know the cold, wind, etc. are only abusing our hands … To us therefore take care . But how? Well, cold days, for example, it is essential to wear gloves. In addition to playing the fashion victims with this accessory shock, here a few guidelines:

Una manicura our profesional siempre puede ayudar a quedar impecables

With a manicure pro: nails look great …

EXFOLIATE: You choose if you prefer to do it yourself or if you want to benefit from the help of a pro institute a manicure. Although we do not do it regularly, it’s really something important to do as much as the skin on your hands is thin and contains few sebaceous glands.They allow optimal hydration but the act of washing hands regularly dries very skin.Exfoliation provides smooth skin (a real baby’s skin!). For this it is enough to gently rub your hands for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.

MOISTURIZING: If you have dry skin or a few brown spots, do not hesitate to plunge a few minutes in a container of warm water and a few drops of sweet almond extract or essential oils. Then, without dry your hands, apply a moisturizer and let your skin absorb it.

PROTECTION: The hands, as we know, are constantly exposed to external aggressions. So when you do household chores (dishes, for example), make a habit of putting mitts to protect your hands. From the moment you manipulate products that may attack your skin, put on your gloves without hesitation !

Aesthetic centers are a great help for women and brides who do not have the time (or inclination!) To do all these daily care at home.

Manicure for your wedding, it is recommended that you take in advance. It is indeed necessaryto do some testing before the big day so that you can report the outcome and whether the color of the varnish, shape or gloss your nails for you.

Really need it suits you and you feel on top! You decide if you prefer a “French manicure”, a false nails resin … To me, nothing beats the advice of a pro! He will guide you in your choice within your style, your nail base, the size of your hands …

I can guarantee you with that, you will be proud to show your hands! Your wedding ring will be more worthily development …

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