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Healthy eating

Healthy eating is linked to a healthy lifestyle. By developing a habit of eating clean, fresh, and healthy food you may end up staying active, fresh, smart and naturally feeling good all the time.

Healthy eating will naturally drop few pounds, make you feel happier and boost up your energy!

“we are what we eat”!┬átherefore if we eat healthy we will look healthy and stay healthy whereas eating unhealthy will gradually devastate our health and make us sick.

The vital steps in healthy eating is to eat food naturally derived from plants such as; vegetables, legumes, fruits, etc and restricting yourself from eating junk and processed foods often, as they may cause excessive weight gain and other health related problems.

Healthy eating also improves our mental health and keeps us fit.

Healthy eating includes having a healthy breakfast daily, including larger portions of vegetables and fruits in your lunch, saying no to deep fried items, eating less and eating healthy in the dinner, as at the night when we go to sleep our metabolism slower down and therefore if we consume heavy dinner it will stay undigested in our body, so we must be concerned about the right nutrient intake, such as; protein, calcium, good fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, fiber, and drinking plenty of water, avoiding high sugar content food and saying no to junk and processed food .

Moreover adding up a little exercise in your daily routine will keep you fit and healthy.

Here are some food guidelines for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

have a look, enjoy, eat right, eat clean and keep your lifestyle healthy! ­čÖé

healthy and junk food concept – woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake



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