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Help against foot fungus – home remedies

Athlete’s foot is now no longer a novelty. Reasons for different types of fungus on the feet, which usually start in between the toes and pass on the sole and toe nails, and sometimes are wrong shoes or poor foot care.

Athlete’s foot can be treated not only with expensive ointments, home remedies can also be a help against athlete’s foot.Preventive help treat athlete’s foot would therefore be a daily care of your feet with warm waters and soap making.Furthermore, a careful drying of the feet and toes spaces and a creaming is advisable.Also make sure that a foot bath for no longer than five minutes continues as more extensive baths, making it easier penetration of germs and this allows the athlete’s foot thrive excellently.If you eventually but suffer several home remedies can effectively help treat athlete’s foot.



Athlete’s foot with a special combat the mixed cream

  • Once you’ve got the athlete’s foot, this is also not vanish so easily because a fungus easy on the feet and is also aggravated by sweat. He is also contagious.
  • If you notice a fungus on your feet, should be a good help to the athlete’s foot cream base carrots mixed with propolis and Tea – placed oil – Tree. Treat your feet after washing on a regular basis with this cream.


A foot infection with domestic agents from the kitchen treat

  • In almost every home, the tried and true vinegar is in the kitchen. It is used for a Narrow meals. But what few people know that it can also help treat athlete’s foot. To treat the fungus with vinegar, you should apply this diluted, frequently to the affected mushroom bodies.
  • But even simple baking soda has proven athlete’s foot. All you need is a packet of baking soda with water to form a paste and stir this apply to the affected areas. Again, you should not forget to clean your feet thoroughly beforehand. The baking powder mass let dry well, then it can be abgebraust with lukewarm waters.
  • Help treat athlete’s foot can also offer a clove of garlic as it is famous for killing pathogens.For this purpose, with the garlic Apply rubbing the affected areas.

Help against foot fungus - home remedies

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