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Henna Removal: Best Trick,tested and Used by me

I found the trick in the Forum Long Hair Community where members explained that she had managed to completely remove the henna with a product called Colour B4 (or Colour Oops USA). This is a chemical that removes stains without affecting the natural color of hair. It is not discolored, it simply “get” the pigment of the hair and it removes these pigments, making hair to its natural color. The big advantage is that it does not damage the hair at all, and it also works on the henna, even if the explanations on the box say otherwise.

Of course, the result depends on the number of henna you’ve done, their quality and their seniority. Those who have a single henna recently are likely to see it disappear completely henna, those (like me) have multiplied layers henna years will be more difficult …

Reading all this, I procured two boxes of Colour B4 on Ebay UK (the product does not exist in France) and I started.

Here’s how I did it:

I have unraveled the hair, make the mixture of the activator and the product, put everything in a bowl and put on gloves.
I applied the product to the lengths only (those that were darker, see previous article). On application it feels a little lemon, not super top but it will smell. By trick against vapors triggered me an asthma attack, so be careful for asthmatics … A box has been enough for all my length, I even had a little too much.
I packed everything in cellophane then I put a towel on top to keep warm.
I ask leave 3am. The more time passes, the more the smell of “lemon” turns into a horrible smell of rotten eggs (yum)
The key point of the process is the rinse, as it allows to transfer the dye pigments. I rinsed for 1/2h making shampoos 10min, 20min and 30min. It is very long and it uses a lot of water, that I regret
After a quick shampoo (without silicone), a final rinse and I let dry.
The smell stays in the hair for one good week, but it is closer to the lemon as the rotten egg (egg). Drying I immediately saw a significant clarification even if my lengths remained darker than the roots. Suddenly the next day I do it again in a following the same procedure (even have the smell in hair ….)

The second worked as the difference roots / lengths is faded, although sometimes it appears the brightness. Finally it worked much on the points that are returned to the color of the roots, only a little darker in the middle of the hair band remains.

Two weeks later, I still have found no damage on my hair, this product does not really deep!

ATTENTION This is a chemical treatment, thus incompatible with henna containing metallic salts. 



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