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Hijab Pas Cher As An Islamic Clothing for Women

If we define Hijab pas cher then we will going to find that it is the form of traditional clothing that is all about the covering of head. It is basically the form of modest religious dressing that is being used by the Muslim women for the sake of implicating their personality impressive looking for other. In Holy Quran Hijab has been defined as “a dividing curtain that provides privacy”. In Holy Quran all the Muslim women have been instructed that they should cover up their head and unwanted prominent body parts. It has been stated as obligitory through the way of fiqh and hadith.


In Holy Quran for word Hijab two similar words has been used up such as khimar and jilbab. According to Islam Muslim women is not allowed to unveil her beauty and body parts in the public places or even in front of the male society. Nevertheless the concept of Hijab has been in use since the last 400 years and until now it has widely spread all over the world. Each section of the world has their own cusoms and values of wearing Hijab pas cher. In some of the countries the women don’t favor wearing the veil to cover the front side of their chest but in Islamic countries the wearing of veil along with Hijab is necessary. There are many countries who have made it necessary for the women to wear Hijab such as n Saudia Arabia and in Turkey. In France wearing Hijab clothing is banned in educational institutions.


There are diverse kinds of styles that are introduced inside Hijab pas cher. Some of the styles are as follows:

1.      In Pakistan and Indian Hijab is used by the name of Burqa. It is the form of long black color clothing that is covering the body from head to toe. You can even call it as the from of gown.

2.      Some of the women even name this style as the Niqaab! It is style up in the form of veil that is all covering head in addition to face and falls down to bosom.

3.      Abaya is yet another main style of Hijab. It is the form of outer garment that is all used up for covering up the women from head to toe. It is made from black caftan. It is quite demanding in the women ofPersian Gulf region and the Middle East. They emebllished the abayaas by making the use of embroidered and bedazzled!

So this was all in detail review about the Hijab pas cher! We hope that through this article you must have learnt the importance of Hijab clothing in Islam.

Hijab Pas Cher As An Islamic Clothing for Women

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