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His personality depending on the sign of the zodiac

His personality depending on the sign of the zodiac

Find out all about them!

Your planet, the characteristics of the sign, its personality, its most positive and the most negative …

What do you think?, Are men this way you know?
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Born: March 21 to April 20
Your planet: Mars
Your element: Fire
Sign Features: Virility, Vitality, Combat and Action
Keyword: reflection
More akin Signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Libra
Less related Signs: Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius

The Aries man personality

It has an important personality, sometimes aggressive.
They are ambitious, bold and revolutionary.
It may be that they lack evidence to make things.
They love the sport, and always look for are active.
They are generous, but do not show it all the time.
They’re tough, but they are tired.
They take quick decisions, do not accept the difficulties and obstacles.
They want to dominate those around them, which often harms them.
They are entrepreneurs but his inconsistency can make it harder.

The most positive features: Individuality, Independence, Efficiency, Vitality, Excitement, Dynamism, Courage, Strategy, Vitality, Intelligence, Good Memory, Loyalty, Self-Sufficiency.

The negative traits: selfishness, intolerance, Bullying, Cruelty, Nervousness, Recklessness, Grudge, Chutzpah, Possessiveness.


Born: April 21 to May 21
Your Planet: Venus
Your element: Earth
Sign Features: Art, Beauty, Grace
Keyword: Moderation
Less related Signs: Virgo, Scorpio, Leo and Capricorn
Less related signs: Pisces and Cancer

The personality of the man of Taurus

These men are usually handled very well the things they do.
Know what their skills and resources.
They have a lot of intelligence to control their finances and resources from them and others.
Moderation is key to their temperament as they are ambitious but more risky.
They have talent and know how to use.
They love the truth and justice.
Recognize the needs of others and act accordingly. Always looking to help another.
Tenacity is one of its main features, and convinced of their ability, they know they can achieve what they want.
As an element of support is unsurpassed Taurus man … if you want real company, this is a good choice.
The power of expression and ease of speech are characteristic. But, it is inflexible character, usually proud.
His great sense of discipline, sometimes reach to block his initiative, and his spontaneous attitude.
Taurus has great vitality especially sexual. He is passionate and possessive, perhaps somewhat jealous.

The positive traits: ambition, concreteness, tenacity, wit, communication power, eloquence, humor, enthusiasm, discipline, power of belief, loyalty, firmness.

The negative traits: materialism, stubbornness, critical dependence possessiveness, frivolity, intolerance, anger.


Born: May 22 to June 21
Your planet: Mercury
Your element: Air
Sign Features: firmness
Keyword: righteousness
More akin Signs: Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Aries
Less related signs: Sagittarius and Pisces

The Gemini man personality

He is the benchmark, both at home and at work.
You have a lot of personality, and this is important for all those around him.
So unconscious (for now) is representative of the group where it develops.
Is that uses and takes every opportunity and situations.
Has a great ability to manage groups.
Is detailed.
He cares about impressing others.
It is courteous and friendly. Is responsible and persuasive.
It is a sign represented by the constant duality. This is why Gemini is undecided. Change your mind quickly, without much justification.
It is inconsistent and at times very nervous.
The positive aspect of their inconstancy, is their tendency to versatility, allowing you to develop different skills.
It has wit, ingenuity and imagination.
In an emergency is able to develop a valuable work, given its ability to manage the groups.
It also exists in a tendency to leave things half.

The most positive features: Handling, Adaptability, Versatility, Extrospectividad, conscientiousness, Dynamism, Intuition, Strategy, Imagination.

The negative traits: Dishonesty, Folly, Inconsistent, Perfectionism, Opportunism, Intolerance, Cruelty, Infidelity and Utopia


Born: June 22 to July 23
Your Planet: The Moon
Your element: Water
Sign Features: Reflective
Keyword: Introversion
More akin Signs: Capricorn, Libra and Aries
Less related Signs: Scorpio and Pisces

The personality of the man of Cancer

Cancer’s character is the least clear of all signs of the zodiac.
Usually conservative and sure of MIMS.
Love your home is your refuge.
There are times when it is very sociable, surrounded by many friends. Others, however, prefer to be alone.
From the outside, seem determined, strong, energetic, wise and intuitive. But from inside, is totally different. He’s very sensitive, especially with people they want.
They tend to identify with others.
They are extremely imaginative, sometimes too fanciful.
The cancer have a considerable artistic and literary talent.
On the one hand I love being outgoing, on the other have a tendency to withdraw. If unable to reconcile both sides are able to inspire much those around them.
They have an excellent memory.
They are able to remember all the details.

The most positive features: Reflection, Spirituality, Independence, Self Esteem, Consciousness, tolerance, acceptance, tenderness, sensitivity, enthusiasm, optimism, intuition, Dynamism, Loyalty, Kindness, Tenderness, Sensitivity and Responsibility.

The negative traits: Utopia, Superficiality, Selfishness, selfishness, Fragility, Uncertainty, frivolity, indifference, apathy, Nervousness.


Born: July 24 to August 23
Your planet: the Sun
Your element: Fire
Features of the sign: Success, Security, Trust
Keyword: Rating
More related signs: Aries, Libra and Sagittarius
Less related Signs: Scorpio and Taurus

The personality of the man of Leo:

It is a gallant and chivalrous man, tenderly protective and sentimentally affectionate.
It has great potential for passion. Enjoy a lot with Leo!
Do not save the details.
Not afraid to spend money to please the people they love.
It is a sign jealous and controlling. Take care all the details, from to go up as you get dressed.
It is important to balance this sign, giving calm, to avoid problems.
Leo needs stability.
It is a proud man who thinks relentlessly.
They are men who are characterized by the gift of fixing things. From the smallest to the most complex.
If you expect me to be faithful during the courtship, be sure to give it a good dose of passion and romance.
Given its huge need for love and admiration will take, we must have them more controlled.

The most positive features: Reflection, Security, Self Esteem, Trust, Respect, Passion.

The negative traits: Insecurity covert, Infidelity, instability.


Born: August 24 to September 23
Your planet: Mercury
Your element: Earth
Sign Features: Reflective and Practical
Keyword: Freedom
More akin Signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus
Less related signs: Sagittarius and Aries

The Virgo man personality.

If you are romantic, do not put your hopes on a Virgo man. You will not have those details for you.
He is a man who lives almost entirely on material and practical level.
Not see much sense in the details, maybe a woman looks.
At the time of love, Virgo looks for quality, not quantity.
Virgo can be a master in the art of subtle seduction.
Virgo men have deep ties love, but love is not a more romantic and passionate. For Virgo, the main way to give expression to his feelings is his devotion to family, partners and friends.
It is true.
Highly organized with the things that matter.
The Virgo man is a blend of sharp intellect and solid earth.
It will take time for decisions, especially those that matter most.

The most positive features: Safety, Decision, Thought, Reflection, Fidelity, Reliability, Devotion.

The negative traits: stubbornness. Reliability. Rigidity.


Born: September 24 to October 23
Your planet: Venus
Your element: Air
Sign Features: Friendly and Soft
Keyword: Balance
More akin Signs: Leo, Aquarius and Gemini
Less related Signs: Cancer and Capricorn.

The Libra man personality.

This man will have a free counselor. You will have the perfect solution for all your problems, and an answer for every question you ask.
It is excellent for love … has charms irresistible.
It is innate conqueror, must follow closely.
It’s complicated when discussing hardly give you the reason.
It’s friendly, companion, and soft.
It is affectionate and passionate …
It is impossible to deny the versatility trend in British men. Especially when young, tend to romp.
You can safely trust him, but you will suffer when you realize that not even suspect your innermost needs … no more intuitive signs. You must clearly express to him if you want to understand.
The Libra male hates confusion, and really needs harmony to maintain its stability.

Positive traits: Kindness, Softness, Will, Justice, Trustworthiness, Kindness, Faithfulness.

Negative traits: Jealousy, Insecurities, Little demonstration, Little Intuitive.


Born: October 24 to November 22
Your planet: Pluto
Your element: Water
Sign Features: Outrageous, strong, Revolutionary
Keyword: Change
More akin Signs: Pisces, Libra and Cancer
Less related Signs: Aquarius and Leo

The Scorpio man personality

Scorpio men are undisciplined; attracted extravagant things.
They love to try the impossible, reforms and revolutions.
They have great qualities and great defects.
They are full of contradictions, duality is the key.
They feel a lot of attraction for sexuality and passion.
SCORPIO feels passionate intensity in everything: politics, work, friendship, religion, family and children, clothing, life, death and any other.
If you are a person who can not stand the excess energy and fervor, Scorpio is not the man for you.
This man is invincible.
Scorpio will leave you stunned with its two twin traits, passion and reason. Have dominion over both: your sign is also governed by the intellect and emotions.
They are men of explosive temper.
It is demanding in their relationships because they expect the same thing he gives.

The most positive features: Invincible, Strong, Determined, Energetic, Ambitious, Passionate, Powerful, Intelligent, Emotional.

The negative traits: Instability, Duality, Revolutionary Critical Explosives.


Born: from November 23 to December 21 
Your planet: Jupiter
Your element: Fire
Sign features: Thinking, Optimistic, Funny
Keyword: Fortaleza
More akin Signs: Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Libra
Less related Signs: Virgo

The personality of the man of Sagittarius

It is not easy to conquer a man of this sign. They are energetic, shifting, changing.
He is almost always surrounded by a crowd, that’s another problem. To get closer to it you must make your way through all these people.
Sagittarius is a dreamer, and his dreams are always subject to logic.
They are very curious and investigate thoroughly all things.
His exuberant imagination can cause tripping and that things will go wrong.
He turns to look beyond the outer appearance of people in search of a more authentic and intrinsic value.
Sagittarius man lives his romantic life on a superficial level, but honestly poses.
Receive more direct criticism, and more than once, unfortunately, lack of tact. You have to balance it.

The most positive features: Reliable, Counselor, Persevering, Strong, Intelligent, Funny.

The negative traits: Negative, Critical, Unbalanced.


Born: December 22 to January 20
Your planet: Saturn
Your element: Earth
Sign Features: Directors, Reliable, Reflective.
Keyword: Reflection
More related signs: Virgo and Taurus
Less related Signs: Cancer and Gemini

The personality of the man of Capricorn:

They are introverts.
Reflect all before acting, so they are cool to know and not easily provide their friendship, but after their friendship is great and true.
However, their withdrawal produces selfishness at times.
They are industrious and persevering, and his word is always reliable.
Secretly, Capricorn is completely devoted adulation.
Capricorn hide his frustration, you should delve into it if you want to know what really happens.
Capricorn does like I could live without flattery, and how it reacts when told something pleasing is pretty convincing proof of them.
With an eye to perfection, carefully observe what comes their way.
He thinks you should be sure of his feelings for you.

The positive traits: Responsible, Patient, Positive, Reflective, Counselor, Stable, Rational, Emotional.

The negative traits: Critical, Self-critical, Introverted, Shy.


Born: January 21 to February 19
Your planet Uranus
Your element: Air
Sign Features: Reliable, Bold, Imaginative
Keyword: Creative
More akin Signs: Leo, Libra and Sagittarius
Less related Signs: Taurus and Scorpio

The Aquarius man personality

They have bold ideas.
They are very attracted to the sciences.
They are kind, compassionate, reliable.
They have a high regard for justice.
When engaged in research are passionate about their work.
They hurt their tendency to rebel, but instead are very creative.
In an Aquarius man does not like to reveal their true feelings, but his favorite pastime is deep into the feelings of others.His own reactions and motives are complex.
A Aquarius men find it difficult to relax in physical expression of love. They are passionate, but kept it secret.

He is a man of the group and, for him, it is natural to teamwork.
His ideals are exceptionally high.
Aquarius men may exhibit a gentleness and docility.

The most positive features: Kindness, Trust, Teamwork, Justice, Compassion.

The negative traits: not easily revealed their feelings, Confused, Uncertain.


Born: February 20 to March 20
The planet Neptune
Your element: Water
Sign Features: Idealistic and imaginative
Keyword: Wisdom
More akin Signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo
Less related Signs: Gemini and Libra

The Pisces Female Personality:

Is apathetic and timid.
They are fickle and carefree. Normally they are driven by others.
A Pisces can be all that you want to find in a man … or anything you do not want to find in it.
The Pisces man is not weak.
Romanticism is precisely what will never miss any Pisces. It’s almost the air you breathe.
A Pisces man is not prejudiced.
It is a good partner and a good counselor.
It is wise with his words.

The most positive features: Reliable, Partner, True, Idealistic, Romantic, Thoughtful, Creative.

The negative traits: Stubborn, Stubborn, Superficial.

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