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Hollywood Diet Plan or fruit Diet

The “Hollywood diet” or “fruit diet” boils down to eating only fruit for a week. One clear result on the scale but also on the health of both the regime could lead to deficiencies.

This method is also called the “Plan fruit” and it has many variants (pineapple diet, grape cure …).Its adoption by some Hollywood actresses dating back to 1980, but it had its heyday in the early 1990s with the publication of a book written by Mazel July. This book details the method and is called simply “The Hollywood diet” (last reprint in French in 2006 by Solar).

Principle of the Hollywood system

Hollywood dietTo allow some actresses to lose weight quickly for the purposes of filming, they have often been suggested to consume only fruit for ten days. Fruits providing very few calories but high in fiber and vitamins satiating, they are supposed to lose weight in a very short time.

Recommended fruits can be eaten at will but we should observe a period of 2 hours between the consumption of each fruit to facilitate their assimilation. These fruits are mainly exotic (pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon and papaya) because they would be filled with virtues “fat burning” (argument however scientifically unfounded). Today, all fruits are proposed, with the exception of bananas, considered too sweet.

Some allow a few vegetables. After this intensive treatment of fruit, must gradually reintroduce, 1-2 times a week only, a little bread, starchy foods and meat, then 1-2 meals a week.

Hollywood regime in practice

It is therefore almost exclusive consumption of fruits, and here is an example of Hollywood Week regime: the first day, from morning to evening pineapple (fruit every 2 hours), 2nd day, papayas and apples in the morning, lunch pineapple, apples or mangoes evening 3rd day, apples and kiwis in the morning, lunch pineapple, apples and kiwis in the evening, the fourth day, watermelons and raspberries; fifth day, the morning watermelons, apricots noon, blackcurrants or blueberries the evening 6th day, in the morning prunes, pineapple noon, evening watermelons; seventh day, watermelons and apples all day (fruit every 2 hours).

Then the next week, think to reintroduce vegetables, bread and starchy accustom the body to a more balanced diet, not to mention fish, white meats and dairy products next week.

Effectiveness of the Hollywood

If efficiency is measured figure drops rapidly on the scales, then yes, this scheme is quite effective for weight loss is dramatic first week. But on health, it can quickly be disastrous!

Advantages and disadvantages of diet Hollywood

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? Short overview:

Advantages: Since the only requirement is to consume fruit and nothing but fruit, Hollywood diet is very simple to follow. Strongly reducing the consumption of meat and other processed foods, it causes the body depurative action, that is to say that you “scoured” the body.

Disadvantages: They are many, as this scheme is not based on scientific truth and patient participation is zero. It has virtually the same negative side effects as fasting and being completely unbalanced deficiency in protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) … The body is then in perfect state of malnutrition (wasting, fatigue, anemia …), with a random weight loss (especially in favor unfortunately muscles) and the risk of developing irritable bowel due to excess dietary fiber. This plan remains very monotonous, very often it causes eating disorders, food cravings, compulsions …

In conclusion, it is already like fruits and intestines have “solid”. Then it does no physical activity and can not be recommended as a short day after overeating to perform an action of digestive detoxification. It is to flee over two days in a row!

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