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Home remedies for clear skin – an overview

Many home remedies for clear skin you can easily make yourself, as you most of the ingredients already in your kitchen and will not have to buy first.

Blemished skin is a problem that, by many ages and attracts not only affects teenagers.On the market there are many products to combat oily skin, but with their artificial ingredients they often resort more to the skin than to fight the problem.The result is that one again needs new creams and lotions to repair the damage.Therefore, many are by now back on home remedies for clear skin.Importantly, despite all means that you have a healthy lifestyle.This includes no alcohol or nicotine, drink a lot and eating a balanced diet.In addition, women should go to bed before whatever the makeup thoroughly removed!

Skin Cleansing

  • Important is the daily care, for which there is also some home remedies for clear skin. To achieve a deep cleaning, you must first open the pores. For this you can use hot chamomile tea, which not only opens the pores, but also has antiseptic properties. You can either hot tea into a bowl blank, enter a towel over his head and then bend over the bowl. The steam has an effect also still good on the lungs. Those who have not much time, the soaking a cloth in hot tea (the tea is not too hot, as this can give burns on the face!) And submit it for a few minutes on his face.
  • Now you can start the actual cleansing. This can be understood even make mild alcoholic tonic. As a basis for this use is 90 percent alcohol, because you can buy in the pharmacy. In this, herbs, such as chamomile or violets, which are especially for inflamed skin impurities, are recognized. Also from the flesh of a cucumber can be prepared a face lotion. Generally in the mixing ratio is one part herbs, or fruit, and three parts of alcohol.
  • The mixture is allowed to stand for three weeks in a dark place and then filters everything through a Baumwolltuch.Wem the hard alcohol solution as a home remedy for clear skin too aggressive, they can be diluted with distilled water.

Face Masks

  • Face masks are also a proven home remedies for clear skin. To even make a peeling face mask, you need two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of coarse salt. The whole thing is mixed short and carries it on with a cotton pad to the face and massaged it into the unit.
  • Exfoliating Leave for about ten minutes and then wash thoroughly. If you want to achieve in addition to a salt scrub a disinfecting effect that can still give a splash of lemon juice and a nurturing effect add a teaspoon of honey.
  • One should not only use scrubs but also provide nourishing face masks. Are suitable for this particular cucumber masks. For this one, the mashed pulp of a cucumber with a fat yogurt, this is wearing thin on the face and leave it be. Cucumbers are a popular home remedy for clear skin, because they have a lot of ingredients that are especially good for the skin.


Home remedies for clear skin - an overview

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