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Home remedies for dry feet

Many suffer from dry feet. The skin peels off partially, itches and does not look nice. But do not despair, there are good home remedies for dry feet.

Feet are often treated neglected.They did not deserve this.Thousands of nerves end in our feet and several miles we’ve gone with them.But most of the feet are forced into socks and mismatched shoes, little neat and hardly noticed.No wonder that many feet dry.We tell you that help home remedies to really dry feet.

Home remedies for dry feet

  • Bees ointment, carrots, cucumber, oils: Nature offers many home remedies for dry feet. Foot balm, foot cream, Fußschaum, foot mask, foot bath – if you go in pharmacies and drugstores, you will be offered many different foot care products. Many natural skin care lines offer valuable products for foot care. A good foot care cream for dry feet should humectants such as urea and skin fats.
  • If it is near a farm, ask the farmers to udder ointment. It works – like bees ointment – nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing dry feet and doing well. Hirschhorn ointment is also helpful. Massage before bedtime wheat germ or olive oil into your feet and pull socks over it.

Take foot baths and go barefoot as often as possible

  • Cucumbers are not just good for the face, but also for the feet. After a foot bath in warm water, fill the pulp of chopped cucumber in a pair of old socks and keep at this hour. A soothing home remedies for dry feet is also a carrot oil pack. For this five grate carrots, processed to a paste with olive oil and place it in socks and dress for a quarter of an hour.Then wash the cucumber or carrot leftovers thoroughly. Prepare yourself for a footbath from wheat germ and olive oil in which you dip your toe. Then just pat dry and leave the remains best move overnight.
  • Wear breathable socks and avoid synthetics. Pull in the summer of shoes and socks and walk barefoot. Do you prefer shoes made of natural materials and pay attention to the correct size. If your skin is extremely dry and makes frequent complaints, you should go to the pedicure or a dermatologist. You may suffer from a fungus or eczema.

Home remedies for dry feet

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