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Home remedies for grease stains: Tips for stain removal

Effective home remedy for grease stains – a list of the proper selection and procedure without the use of chemicals.

Effective home remedy for grease stains include dishwashing liquid, butter and flour.They have a comparable effect as cleaning stain – and the laundry is clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

Home remedies for grease stains on clothing

  • If the grease stain is fresh, sprinkle it with flour. The flour will absorb the fat and thus prevent this can get stuck in the fabric. After ten or fifteen minutes, then brush it off gently.
  • From delicate fabrics such as silk or wool, you can remove grease stains, the stain first with brandy or glycerol wet and leave one hour still.
  • Then coat the area with egg yolk, rub it lightly with your fingers and rinse the cloth with fresh water. The degreasers effect is mainly due to the yolk lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier, which dissolves the fat of the patch.
  • Even with dishwashing detergent can remove grease stains from clothes very well: simply drop the detergent on the grease stain, let it soak in briefly and wash the garment in the washing machine as normal.
  • A rather unknown home remedy is butter grease stains: Rub the butter to grease spot on – the butyric acid to dissolve the stain effectively. After subsequent possible hot starters, main wash the stain is gone most likely.

Home remedies for grease stains on sofas, carpets and non-textiles

  • The removal of a grease stain on carpet or a sofa with fixed benefits is a particular challenge, because you can not unfortunately stuck in the washing machine. So other solutions have here:
  • First, you put on the appropriate means, for example, potato flour or detergent. With a small, medium-hard brush to work the particular agent then in the stain from the outside inwards.Then take the fat solution with an absorbent cloth.
  • To get grease stains from a wall, you can use blotting paper: press it against the spot and drive carefully with an iron set on low temperature just above.
  • A tip or home remedy for grease stains on tiles and stove is to heat them first with a hair dryer. Then you can simply wipe it with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Home remedies for grease stains: Tips for stain removal

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