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Home remedies to darken her hair blond

For a person who has blonde hair, but that is interested in a darkening without the use of products that contain chemicals, there are natural ways that can darken his blond hair

You can buy at the store chemical hair dyes and opt for the use of everyday products or consider certain natural elements that naturally darken your hair.Natural methods are a great way to darken his blond hair remain soft and manageable.The best advantage is that if you are not satisfied with the result of natural hair color, it will only be temporary and tend to fade within a month.

Create a custom shampoo

  • To concoct a shampoo designed to darken his hair, it would be nice to get a mild moisturizing shampoo without dyes or coloring agents. A baby shampoo is usually better. Then it is up to you to begin to choose the combination of ingredients to add.
  • Many colors extracted from natural plants dull hair so lightly. The sage is a great darkening hair. Marie rose color is also improving the growth of new cells from the scalp. Molded coffee, cocoa powder, tea bags and also henna natural elements are sufficient to darken his blond hair.
  • All these natural ingredients are gentle and leave a darker shade of your hair after application.You can also support adding a vanilla bean to flavor the mixture.

Prepare shampoo

  • When you have managed to gather all your ingredients, put them in a saucepan with a cup of hot water and bring to boil. The wiser will be hot, it will be better in delivering a more intense darkening effect to your hair.
  • After all the ingredients have been boiled, filter the resulting water with cheesecloth into a bowl and let cool water. Thereafter, add water final baby shampoo and mix well. This water will contain all necessary agents to darken his blond hair.

Apply the solution

  • Before you start applying your shampoo containing tea, it is important to do a test on the tips of your hair to ensure absorption and darkening effect. Apply, then a little shampoo, rinse and let stand. Wait 24 hours before checking the result on your hair. After that, it is easier to add more or less agents shampoo to darken his hair as he pleases.
  • On the other hand, when you treat your hair with this solution, it is important to leave it on your hair for at least 15 minutes. Coloring agents should be absorbed. So the more you leave the shampoo in your hair, your hair will become darker. The steam from the shower is useful to create heat to help the shampoo to darken his hair by penetrating the bottom of the hair structure.

Home remedies to darken her hair blond

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