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Home tips for beautiful hair

Rinsing, the thing grandmother works, but does not feel very good, is to finish rinsing with water mixed with white vinegar or lemon juice deemed anti-limestone. For light and transient reflections, you can rinse her hair with strongly brewed tea from Ceylon.

Oily Hair: in a bowl, pour the equivalent of a handful of green clay powder in a times its volume in water. Mix and apply a quarter of an hour on wet hair. Rinse and then wash hair with her shampoo.

Dry hair: nothing beats a good mask with shea butter, avocado or to oneself (by mixing it with an egg yolk). More original … let soften a pad of butter. Once soft, mix in a bowl with a few drops of concentrated fruit flavors (lemon, raspberry, strawberry, almonds, baking ray sales of hypermarkets). Apply the mixture on the hair, wrap head with parchment paper (preferably on Sunday, as Jules is a football match!). Let stand for fifteen minutes, rinse well (hot water ….) and make a shampoo or two to spare her hair (and libido Jules when he returns from his match to begin the third halftime with you …) side apple pie Sunday.

To soften hair, impregnate sweet almond oil, olive oil or hair Monoi according to taste, for thirty minutes before shampooing. For easy styling her hair spread over a dab of cream Nivea before brushing. And for the most mystical to have beautiful hair, it cut the day of the full moon! Some hairdressers (not Albert, not too Cartesian …) stay open later those nights there.

Black-list: Avoid handing over all day long in the hair, it’s fat and deep. Especially not rub the towel, but simply dab, softly. Avoid wash every day, even with frequent use shampoo if they tarnish and grease more quickly.

White-list: Make rinse with clean cold water after a swim in the sea or pool. Cut regularly to rejuvenate. Make masks every week and one to two treatments of yeast per year. Massage the scalp with your fingertips while shampooing or care to activate blood circulation. Always finish wash in cold water, the best way to make the hair regains its smooth and silky.

And do not forget that the best beauty secrets often involves what is on our plate. Unbalanced meals, deficiencies may jeopardize the beauty of your hair. So, you can count on your allies as food: protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B. .. and heal your dishes as well as your hair!


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