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How do you get fine pores? The best tricks

Here you will find not only the secret weapons for fine pores but also how to prevent pesky pimples and excessive sebum production.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body.With about 1.7 square meters skin surface it is metabolic, protective and respiratory organs in one.In our modern society we find a healthy, rosy and clear skin or just fine pores particularly appealing and desirable.

Bad influences – the killer of fine pores
The causes of bad skin, not fine pores can be divided into endogenous and exogenous causes.Endogenously in medicine means that something from within her works.This is, unfortunately, we can not be controlled, such as the impact of puberty or the genetic predisposition.Likewise, this group include hormonal changes or variations, such as a pregnancy, mental health, allergies and stress.
Exogenously the exact opposite of endogenous, that is, something that acts from the outside, such as exposure to harmful substances, a poor diet, pollution, drug and food allergies, smoking, occupational factors or the wrong cosmetics.

How do I get fine pores?
A balanced and varied diet is the foundation of a beautiful skin.Meanwhile, there are scientific studies that prove that fast food, chocolate, and even in some cases milk can affect the skin negatively.So it means to eat healthy and adequate, as, among other things with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh salads and lots of vitamin A, which is also in fish, in egg yolk, in dairy products, spinach, in broccoli, carrots, in oranges and Kale is available in.To ward off harmful solar radiation or environmental toxins that need fine pores not only the vitamin A, but also vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits and green cabbage.As well as the vitamin E, which is present in various nuts and oils and also selenium and zinc, which are components in garlic, wheat, fish, milk and red meat.These free radicals, protect our skin from harmful damage caused by oxidation.In addition in the fingers away from extreme diets that nu pull the elastic fibers of the skin affected, and are real poison for fine pores.Nor should always be taken to ensure adequate fluid intake, although “much drinking” alone does not help.The fact is true that drinking a lot the skin from the inside, but does from fine pores also need a healthy protective barrier of the skin.Therefore it is especially important to supply the necessary nutrients and moisture from outside and hence to ensure the regeneration of the skin and in the lowest layers.Which brings us even at the creams were.Whilst it is accepted that expensive creams are better than others: is not the case.Actually, our skin needs ie no cream, provided, of course, is it is healthy skin.Those who expose themselves to the sun or a long dry heating air, but should dehydration with a cream counter with natural ingredients.During daily cleaning should be a soap-free skin cleanser can be used as almost all commercial soaps have too high pH and thus attack the natural acid mantle of the skin.We generally advise but to a medical consultation, as a self-medication is always associated with higher risks.In addition, the dermatologist may prescribe for a patient’s history, the appropriate medication for fine pores.

How do you get fine pores? The best tricks

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