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How Moroccan Mehndi Designs Work Out?

When we mention the names of some of the best mehndi designs in the whole world then we never forget mentioning with the name of Moroccan mehndi designs! It is taken to be one of the best mehndi designs that simply add the women hands and feet with the huge sum of beautification. Some of the women are not aware from the concept of Moroccan mehndi design and how it came into being.

Importance of Moroccan Mehndi Designs:

It is to be mentioned that Moroccan mehndi designs is usually extracted from the plant that has the ability to dye cloth, fingernails, skin and hair. It is the name that is used for the Lawsonia Inermis plant. The plant has been used in support of cosmetic purposes since Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians make the best use of henna to dye their fingernails. The use of henna for cosmetic and ceremonial purposes is found to be quite a lot popular in Africa, India and the Middle East. In the modern times heena is used for the dyeing the hair and temporary artwork on the skin. Heena plant is rich with the pigment molecules called Lawsonia. Lawsonia produces dye. It stains keratin as the outside layers of skin and hair. As the skin naturally exfoliates the henna is shed away. It stainson hair gradually fades.  It will going to produce up the color that varies depending on skin color, hair color and body part.

Sometimes Moroccan mehndi designs and leaves are even used to make the dye. The leaves are harvested, dried and ground to a fine powder.Indigo and saffron are examples of plants that are added to henna to create other colors. If you will going to mix up some additional plants then you will going to create brown, black and burgundy colors. You can mix the heena along with the waterto create a thick paste. This paste is applied to hair or skin. By wrapping the hennaed area with plastic and a towel or the use of a blow dryer are two popular ways to add heat. It is vital to purchase henna that only uses natural ingredients. Some companies even add chemicals so that they can provide more color ranges but these chemicals can cause bad skin reactions.

Now in the end let’s check out some beautiful images of Moroccan mehndi designs! Chose your favorite ones right now!

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