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How to apply blush

Blush is used to highlight the face, the luster and color to the complexion, creating a healthy glow and health, structure features, etc.. If improperly applied, it creates the opposite effect. Here are a few tips on how to apply it to achieve a flawless makeup.

1) We choose the right color of blush

The color should match well with our skin in order to highlight. Avoid too dark colors that give a look too unnatural and makeup. It seeks to give effect health and good looks, then emphasizes the natural colors.

If you have wrinkled skin, choose matte finishes. In other cases, you can choose the finish of your choice. It may be light, but do not go in the straw always maintain the natural effect.

2) It provides a good brush

We forget the brush included in the compact blush. Too small, it will be registered and the result will not fade. Blush should never make a line. This effect has already been in fashion there thirty years, but nowadays, it is recommended the faded look. This is why the ideal brush should be fairly soft and flexible and round, not too flat. Moreover, do not take it too thin. Being provided more, but less than a brush loose powder to be more precise, it will help you to melt the paint on the skin.

3) It shakes!

For application, lightly dip the brush into the paint and shake it a bit by tapping against your hand or a little bumping against the surface to remove excess powder. In this way, you avoid brands.

4) You smile!

To properly determine the location of cheekbones, nothing better than getting a beautiful smile to yourself. In addition, it starts the day right! So you will start the application on the most prominent cheekbone.

5) It runs!

Start making a circular motion with the brush before reaching the cheek, once again you avoid making marks. Then sweep cheek still circular motion, going back to the temple. Do not exceed the hollow under the cheek bones. The fact that up to the temple gives the illusion of a lifting effect that invigorates the facial features.

Cheekbones more flattering

There is also a technique often used by professional makeup of giving the impression of a more prominent cheekbones. This is to determine the location of the hollow under the cheekbone and the back stress in a shadow darker than the skin tone as a bronzer. Is illuminated then the highest part of the cheekbone with a pearly shadow illuminator lighter than the skin tone. This technique is ideal for people who have almost no cheekbones or for parties and photo shoots.


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