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How to apply eyelashes


Wash and moisturize the eye. The area must be free of old makeup and residual oils, cleansing and moisturizing creams.

Remove the lashes from the packaging. Locate the left edge. It will be marked by an “L” or you can say, “Left”.

Place the lashes natural lashes on top. Use both hands to form the eyelashes over the natural lashes. Fold the whip over the eyelid, which mimics the natural curve of your lashes.The longest eyelashes false eyelashes must be oriented on the outer edge of the eye.

Marks the end of false eyelashes pinching the ends with your fingers. Use sharp scissors to cut the edge. Repeat these steps for the face eyelashes.

Place a paper towel on the dressing table or at work, sitting in front of a mirror bright. Place lashes paper towel evil.

Open the tube of glue, spray a small amount on a paper towel. Dab the glue with a toothpick.

Place the tip of the toothpick with adhesive on it, beyond the edge of the false eyelashes left.

Apply eyelashes looking in the mirror, by pressing from the inside to the outside. Press down the whip above the natural lashes. Hold it in place for three or four seconds. Do not apply the lashes betrayed your natural lashes.

Repeat the procedure for the right eye.

How to apply eyelashes


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