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How to apply eyeliner?

Position your device lining.Hold the camera liner as you do with a pen or pencil. Turn your hand so that the applicator tip is parallel to the lid.

If you are in the early stages of makeup application, do not use liquid eyeliner ….. It can get real upset ….. It’s a little complicated ….try it later after you get the hang of things a little. Instead start with an eyeliner pencil.

Step-1. Using a pencil eyeliner, run the pencil above the upper eyelid lashes close to the lash line. At the beginning, it is best to line directly above where the lashes are growing, do not extend your line too close to the inner corner of the eye, it might not look right. You can play with the expansion of the coating line later when you feel a little more comfortable with the eye makeup.

Step-2. When you have finished lining, lightly blur the line you just drew. Mostly pencils have a foam rubber smudger on one end. Smudging softens some of the harshness of the line may have, in other words, mix in a little line so it does not look like a separate line. A Q-tip works just as well.

Step-3. Once you line and smudge, use a small pointed brush and run a layer of dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. Perform this step if the line looks like it stands too, it softens and is a “must” step liquid eyeliner.

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