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How to apply foundation

Have a nice smooth complexion, flawless and impeccable does not own. So that the result is natural and imperceptible, must know how to properly apply makeup.

First, there are three ways of applying the foundation. It is to see which one suits you best.

1) latex sponge

The advantage of latex sponge is that it fits well the movement and contours of the face and it dose good amount of product. The disadvantage is that it “drinks” your foundation and you will waste a bit of product. To avoid the problem, wet the sponge it is thoroughly wet, then dry it. Put a few drops of product on it, then apply the foundation by gently smoothing. For more coverage, add a little product on the sponge and tap the desired location instead of smooth.

The sponge should be cleaned after each use to maintain good hygiene. You can also use a new one every day, as this product is not expensive (but it is Greener to spare a little).

2) The foundation brush

Brushes specifically designed for the application of foundation are made of synthetic hair, such as nylon.They are ideal for liquid and cream textures. Their advantage is that they dosent the product well, uniform give a good result and help to reach the hard to reach areas. You have to adapt at first, but it’s worth it. I am a fan of this tool makeup!

Just like the sponge, it is essential to clean the brush after each use.

3) Hands

Many people use their fingers to apply foundation. The advantage is that our fingers warm the product, which makes it better penetrate the skin. The disadvantage is that it is less hygienic (it must clean their hands and nails before) and less uniform. It is difficult to determine the quantity of product in each region with the hands only.

Second, there are two rules that will ensure a more natural result.

1) Always apply the product one region at a time

Some people are depositing drops of foundation on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, and then will smooth thereafter. If your foundation is oily and does not dry quickly, it can still go, but if not, you could get an unnatural effect, as some areas have begun to dry before the other, which creates unequal sections. Inaddition, the product is applied on the forehead may be accumulations in the eyebrows and hairline. This leads us to the second rule.

2) Always start in the center of the face outwards

By doing this, we avoid the problem just mentioned above: accumulations of product to facial contours and hair roots.

Start the application by the nose and smooth on each side. First laterally and upwardly and downwardly. You will have a better product at the center of the face (where it has the most to hide things) and less away. The gradient should be subtle and stretch “to anything.”

One important thing to know about shading also: do not stop the jaws, rather basing the product on your neck do not create boundaries.

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