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How to apply good lip gloss

Ever you can apply good lip gloss? For you it is impossible? Here is a step by step guide on how to apply lip gloss either. If you can, follow it, and then edit your techniques.

A lip pencil to draw the outline of your lips with creamy tone improves outcome shiny lip gloss. If your skin tone is light or intermediate, then it is best you hire pale colors pencil to define the outline, and transparent or clear gloss with silver highlights to give a natural look to your lips.

For that they have a smooth, pinkish, you can define the outline with a pencil and wearing pink lip gloss also slightly pink. Other colors also go well are you soft violets with a touch of golden glow, or range that goes from reddish pink, through red to reddish brown.

If your skin tone is darker, try a soft pink, reddish brown or deep brown for lipstick, accompanied by a lip gloss of a similar shade lighter or something to have a fresh and meaty.

To get an extra shine, take the lipstick and pass by the back of the hand to accumulate a small amount. Then pick it up with the brush of lips and spread it evenly with him.

Limit the application of lip gloss to the center of the lower lip makes thin lips look thicker. To make lips look thinner, however, prevents glare and matte colors used.

To achieve lasting colors throughout the day, use a soft tone lipstick to define the contours, use a lipstick of a natural shade, removes excess color with a few taps with a tissue, and prevents shine lips.


For the night shift, pencil blurs the boundary with the lipstick using an applicator, so that the lips appear thick and fleshy, and applies above gloss.

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