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How to apply her lipstick?

A good makeup mouth is a weapon of mass seduction. This is indisputable. To beautify your smile, Plurielles.fr you its beauty secrets for a perfect mouth.

Step 1: moisturize his lips

Essential step before coloring his lips : hydration. For the lipstick yours, it is indeed important to use a daily balm lip nourishing. If your mouth is chapped, consider exfoliate your lips with a scrub before moisturizing. This scrub specifically for lips you will get rid of dead skin small unsightly.
Step 2: Define the contour of lips

Trace the outline of the lips with a pencil spinning anti-transparent. With this tool you can prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Then with a second pencil the same color as your lipstick redraw the contours of your mouth. Always start by drawing the center and continue the route starting from the commissures and then return to the inside. Finish chopping inside the mouth to maximize holding your lipstick .
Step 3: Filling

Apply lipstick from the middle to the edges of the mouth with a brush lips for ultra precise filling. Then put a handkerchief in the center of the lips and squeeze them to remove excess material. If necessary retouch the skin around the lips with a spell. Finish by adding a touch of gloss inside the lips to plump your lips , especially if they are fine.
Writing tips

-For the best results, sprinkle lightly your lips with a transparent loose powder.

-Always stick lipstick in your purse to do touch-ups during the day.

-If your lips are fleshy tones forget matt and glossy bet on textures.

-If your lips are thin crack for lipsticks shiny satin effect. You give your lips a nice terrain and a little more volume.
How to apply her lipstick?

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