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How To Apply Jeweled Nail Art With Youtube Nail Art Videos

Do you ever make the use of Youtube nail art videos for designing the nail art work? Well there are so many women who make the use of the Youtube nail art videos so that they can get the better idea about the application of the jeweled nail art designs.

How To Apply Jeweled Nail Art With Youtube Nail Art Videos?

  1. You should first be collecting the type of nail jewels that has to be applied.
  2. Now you have to make the choice of the nails on which you will going to apply the jewels and where, you want the pattern of the jewels to be placed.
  3. Now you have to buy the desired nail jewels from a nail salon, beauty supply, drug or department store. You will going to find them in both individual pieces as well as in completed designs such as floral patterns, swirls, or diamonds. They usually include faux pearls as well as other faux gems.
  4. You should manicure the nails in the next step. Be sure that your nails are clean and free of any type of product residue that might impair the jewel’s ability to adhere.
  5. Now you have to apply the nail polish color. You can even make the use of clear nail lacquer. Let the polish dry thoroughly before you move on to the next step.
  6. Now just laout the nail jewels that will be applied in the pattern, shape, and style chosen.
  7. Now you have to apply the nail jewels to the nails as planned all the way by following the instructions provided in the company of the jewels.
  8. Now in the end and final step you have to apply one or more coats of clear nail lacquer over the top of the nail jewel so that you can secure it to the nail. You should let it dry thoroughly and then apply additional coats of clear lacquer until it remains in place.

In the Youtube nail art videos you will going to view that all the jewels in the nail art are glittering. You can combine the nail jewels with other nail art to make a unique design. Only use safe and approved nail glue on natural fingernails. So check out some of the best Youtube nail art videos now and style your nails in attractive way.

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