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How to apply lipstick

Apply lipstick is always difficult and it is easy to overflow and to put off, you will find here tips on how to apply lipstick so it takes a long time without overflowing or fade.

For a woman, it is often difficult to put lipstick especially in the morning when you’re in a hurry, we often put it off or leave marks on the tooth, which is not only aesthetic and always notice it quickly.So here are several tips on how to apply it properly and sustainably.

Tips to make your lipstick does not overflow

  • Apply lipstick with a brush and gently contours, make moving your lips so that the lipstick is properly applied, will prevent you from putting too much in applying it directly to the tube.
  • You can rinse the brush and avoid putting saliva on your tube of lipstick.¬†Also take a small ice clear to see in order to spread out and not skid.

How to keep your lipstick all day

  • After applying your lipstick carefully, take a tissue and squeeze it between your two lips to remove excess lipstick on you lips.
  • Choose a lipstick long lasting so that it does not run too much and do not put too much, it is useless especially if it is a very bright color.
  • Applied and held it throughout the day and you will not need to submit in the day, or turn it into a very small light with your brush so that the lipstick is not too flashy and that not fade too quickly.

How to apply lipstick

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