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How to apply mascara?

Indeed, it is not inherently difficult to apply mascara on her eyelashes but it is more complex to put it correctly, without overflowing or not he left after an hour.Like any process, apply mascara requires some technicalities to control for perfect makeup.


The three essential steps

  • To apply mascara properly, it must begin with the root of the lashes and move the blade with small lateral movements. The more you start at the base of the lashes, the more you give length to your look.
  • Be generous in that particular place. Then reassemble the rolling applicator to the top of your lashes. This will separate so that there is no deposit mascara.
  • Finally, you can also apply mascara by closing your eyes and doing the same operation from the base to the top of the eyelashes. The process is somewhat reversed even if the principle is always the same.
  • Do not hesitate to make several trips back to accentuate the look. You can wet the applicator slightly to give more vivid the color you have chosen. It will also become easier to handle.


Tips to beautify the look

  • When you apply mascara, remember to direct your chin forward, forcing your eyes to fall and so you disperserez less mascara on your eyelids. Also, remember to wipe your applicator on the edges of the tube of mascara to avoid clumps.
  • Do not forget to close the mascara immediately after use as it may dry out and become unusable n. Depending on whether or not you are used to apply mascara, remember that plastic applicators are much easier to handle. You will find in all supermarkets.
  • Still prefer black mascara that gives a very different effect on other colors. Always handle with precision, the more you take your time, the more work will be done well. Your eyes will be so bright.

How to apply mascara

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