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How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips

The red-to-mouth may scare some of the complexity of application. Obviously, like any technical makeup, the more you practice, the more you become skilled, but there are still tricks to make it easier. Here are 5 simple steps to get the lips perfectly defined and well disguised.

Step 1) Set benchmarks

Have you noticed that it is extremely easy, even if you have no talent to make beautiful drawings numbers?Join points do not require much skill. So that’s why I suggest you draw all dots in strategic places of the contour of your mouth with the lip liner with which you want to draw the outline. Choose a color red well harmonized to your lips, preferably the same color. It may be half a shade darker, but more for not dividing.

We start by drawing six benchmarks. Most upper lips have a higher part that creates a form M.

How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips

-The first point is the center of M or center line your upper lip.

The following two-point height for each of the same two points M or high line your upper lip.

-The following must be placed at the center of your lower lip line.

-The other two must be located in the corners of the mouth (the outer corners).

Subsequently, we added another 4 points that lie midway between the commissures and high points of the upper lip and the center line of your lower lip.

How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips

When you draw the landmarks, make them very small and light so that they do not see when you pass by with your pencil strokes. Do not rely on points on the photos, I’ve done bigger and better for black spot.

You are now with very small trace lines, which greatly assist you. It is here that we have fun with our drawingnumber.

Step 2) Connect the benchmarks

How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips




To complete this step easier, do not hesitate to draw the lines by several small strokes. The movement will also be easier if you hold the pen at an angle. It will also be easier to have a symmetrical result starting from the center of the lip, but be comfortable with the way that best suits.

How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips

Step 3) Fill with red lips to

Once the eyeliner applied, filled inside with red-to-face. For more precision, I strongly recommend you to use a lip brush. Again, avoid large movements, make several small strokes, like Van Gogh!

Once inside the outline filled, pinch your lips on a tissue paper folded in half to remove excess red to her lips.

How to apply perfectly and easily to the red lips

Step 4) Correct defects

Nobody is perfect, so to further refine the contour and get a perfect result, if the contour is irregular or you have exceeded a little, take a cotton swab pointed shape and remove the leak, then use a brush to hide Concealer or another clean lip brush and paint the outside of the contour line with a concealer the same color as your skin. In addition to standardizing the result, concealer helps prevent leaks. If desired, for best results you can lightly dust the first layer of red-to-mouth with a big brush loose powder, then reapply a second coat.

Step 5) Brightness and volume effect

You can finalize by applying a little pearly gloss in the center of your lips to create the illusion of moregenerous lips. You can also apply a gloss or transparent-color red lips to the entire lip surface to increase the brightness.

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