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How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup Through Eye Makeup Videos

Are you looking for the detailed steps for applying smokey eye makeup with the help of eye makeup videos? Well we all know that with the passage of time smokey eye makeup trend is becoming one of the most famous and latest trends inside the fashion market. But for some of the women applying smokey eye makeup is quite complicated and difficult. But the easy way would be taking the help of smokey eye makeup videos through which you can learn in detail about the application procedure.

Steps To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup Through Eye Makeup Videos:

  1. We all know that smokey makeup is just limited to black and grey makeup shades. But there are many other color shades as well that are used in favor of smokey eyemakeup such as violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple.
    When you are choosing the color shades then make sure that it is matching all along with the eye colour, hair colour and skin tone.
  2. If you have blue eyes then best colors for the smokey eyemakeup will beblack or grey, violet, purple or dark blue eye shadow. You can even try out choosing with the darker color as well so that it can make the eyes prominent looking for others.
  3. In addition for hazel and green color eyes we have the best choice of black or grey, try a deep khaki, dark green, brown, purple or plum colour eye shadow.
  4. Further for the brown eyes you can opt out with the choices of black or grey, copper, coffee, and brown.
  5. When you are making the use of just one eye shade then make sure that you choose up with the soft and light shades just like lilac, light peach, champagne, taupe, nude or a sand color.
  6. Try to make the use of powdery eye shadows. Don’t make the use of creamy shades because they ae quite difficult in smudging and blending.
  7. You should make the choice of soft eyeliner pencil that is matching all along with the same color that matches with the eye shadow.
  8. For the eyeliner don’t make the use of liquid eyeliner. They are best because they are soft and give away the sharper effect to the eyes.
  9. Don’t forget to apply foundation over the eyes before the application so that it can allow the makeup to stay on the face for longer time period.

We would like to advice you that you should try to follow all the steps one by one that is mentioned within eye makeup videos! It is very simple and less time consuming.

Smokey Eye Makeup Smokey Eye Makeup Smokey Eye Makeup

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