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How To Arrange Mehndi Party?

Do you want to know how you can arrange the mehndi party?  Well if yes then you have all travelled at the right place to get the best information out of it.

How To Arrange Mehndi Party?


  1. You should make sure that whether you will hire a henna artist or do-it-yourself in the mehndi party. If you want to hire someone then you can ask around at places that sell henna or even ask at your local Indian restaurant. Hence you can even try online to find henna artists in your area.
  2. Just make some fun invitations in the company of henna designs on it as a introduction to the events to come. You can make the use of calligraphy and sparkles to dress it up. Just make sure to include all the pertinent details. If it’s a special occasion then don’t forget to remind guests to bring gifts.
  3. You can ask everyone to bring a dish with an Indian or Middle Eastern theme such as chickpea curry, humus or dolmas. In addition you should provide drinks and baklava in support of desert.
  4. Just make sure one thing that the guests know to wear clothes that can be rolled up in support of tattoo placement as all depending on where they would like it.
  5. As longer the heena will be kept on the hands the darker it will get with the color. You can douse the designs in the company of lemon juice and then put them in front of a heater or blow dryer to speed up the process. Just make sure there is someone in the midst of a free hand to paint the last person. If you must shower then just cover your tattoo with petroleum jelly to make it last longer.

Just follow these mentioned helpful tips in mind and make the mehndi party to be memorable and unforgettable for the lifetime!

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