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How to change from brown to red

If you’re brown and you want to give your hair more reflections, you can go from brown to red in a few steps to the house

n commerce, there are a variety of coloring products for chemical or biological pass from brown to red.To save costs hairdresser , you can do yourself to their application.


The different types of hair dyes

  • Most products hair dyes contain active ingredients such as peroxide and ammonia. Over time, repeated use of these products can damage the hair and make them look dull. If your hair is very dark brown, you may have to discolor before switching to red. Be aware that bleaches are never organic and they dry much hair.
  • To keep her hair healthy when you want to go brown roux, there are now dyes without ammonia or peroxide. The choice of colors is red also interesting but you have to remake your color every three weeks since these products are less permanent.
  • Dyes found in commercially available gel, foam, cream or lotion applied with a brush. It is interesting to know that some brands have designed temporary products that you can try before opting for a more permanent color or to change the head for an evening.

Discover the virtues of henna

  • To go from brown to red, for generations, women in the Middle East use henna. This is a plant whose dried leaves are put into powder for coloring hair. This is simply to add water to make a paste to cover the hair. The longer you let the product act for a long time, the more intense the color of red.
  • The benefits of henna are many: it is biologically treats the hair dye, gives them a shiny appearance, it is permanent so you only have to color the regrowth As, and is inexpensive.The only downside is that if you do not want to keep the color red, you can not change the color of the dye or chemical bleaching. You need to grow your hair until you regain your natural color.

Thing grandmother to color hair

  • In the past, our ancestors used strong tea or coffee to go from brown to red without resorting to commercial products.

How to change from brown to red

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