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How to choose foundation

What’s more difficult than making choosing the right foundation for us. Here are some tips to help you.

Important criteria

First there five criteria that you must evaluate before you go shopping. Having received answers to these questions before, your choice will be much easier, faster and you are less likely to make a mistake and be disappointed because the product does not meet your needs. I have often seen people who complained a foundation was bad when he was simply ill-suited to their skin type or needs. Make-therefore this list to make life easier.

1) The coverage sought

Do you want a foundation that leaves your skin shine, your freckles? Would you rather have a foundation that perfectly covers defects like birthmarks, birth imperfections?

There are three different couvrances foundation: light, medium or full. If you want a very natural, opt for light couvrances. A full coverage can be more noticeable, but will cover all your imperfections perfectly. Between the two is the average coverage.

2) The category of your skin color: pink, golden or neutral

To find your category, you can seek the help of a beauty consultant. If you look, it is actually determine if your skin has a pink under-tone, a sub-tone yellow or if it is between the two. It is very important to know this because a foundation to the wrong category will be demarcations and unnatural. Several brands offer the same products already classified according to these three types of complexion. It is much easier to choose.

3) your skin type: oily, combination, normal or dry

In determining your skin type, you’ll have a foundation that will satisfy you more, because it will be better suited. For example, an oily or combination skin require an oil-free foundation and matting, while dry skin , a moisturizing foundation and light, etc.. Read the labels and boxes. They inform you about the effects and outcome of foundation you purchase.

4) Age: wrinkles, sagging skin, etc..

Increasingly, foundations have care properties. Some effects wrinkle liftants, tensors, tonics, redensifiants, etc.. Choose a foundation that matches your needs and will spin a little boost to your day cream.

5) The holding

If you are someone active and have long days, long-lasting foundation is for you. If, instead, you set a foundation for an evening or 5-7, you do not need a long dress. Know that foundations are less long-lasting moisturizing, so it all depends on your skin type and your lifestyle.

To test

Here are four golden rules for good to test your foundation.

1) Do not buy a foundation if you had the chance to try. Sometimes it is better to pay a little extra for the chance to test a demonstrator rather than buy two bottles because the first was not the right color. It is impossible to buy a foundation to the eye, just by seeing it in the bottle. This is the advantage of the prestige brands that still offer demonstrators.

2) The only place to try is a foundation on the jaw and nowhere else. Your hands, wrists and forearms are by no means the same color as your face, then do not bother making a choice by checking the color in these areas. Also, if you choose, for example, your nose or cheek, sometimes you can mix some imperfections such as rosacea example. When you would not even buy a foundation ultra pink while you are golden complexion because it harmonizes with your rash! The jaw is perfect because it lies between the neck and the rest of the face. If the color is not dividing the neck and face, it is perfect.

3) Choose THE SAME color foundation for your skin, and never darker or lighter. We want a natural result, and not a second skin mask effect. It will always be possible due to accentuate your complexion with a bronzer, illuminating powder or blush. There should be NO demarcation.

One small exception: dark black skin with two tones. I sometimes dark-skinned clients who have lighter skin in the center of the face (nose, cheeks, forehead) and the outline darker and neck. They are wondering which of the two colors suitable for the foundation? If they choose the color of the outline of the face, it will be too dark for the center. In their case, it is necessary to choose the color of the center of the face, is as clear and well melt the product by stretching a bit toward the neck. The goal is that the color is deteriorating. We must never, ever, stop a foundation to the height of the jaws without having dimmed down. Be careful not to go too low so as not to stain your clothes collar.

4) The day you go shopping for your foundation, do not wear makeup foundation (no bronzer, self-tanner or blush), because it could skew your choice. For example, if you wear a bronzer that day, your foundation is too dark.

Buy new foundation is not an easy task. It is as difficult as jeans or even a bra. Therefore take your time, know your skin as well as the important criteria and be prepared to try several. Good luck.

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