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How to choose moisturizer that suits us?

Essential for a radiant complexion and peach …

For a radiant complexion and peach skin, it is essential to go through the stage of hydration. A good moisturizer helps prevent gnawing, and imperfections due to too dry skin and helps the skin to protect against external aggressions. Only problem: the number of different moisturizers on the market! How to choose between moisturizers day and night, mattifying emulsions, fluids, anti-redness … ?

Here are some tips to get it right.

The choice of moisturizer should be according to your skin type

  • For dry or sensitive skin, opt for a cream rich in soothing ingredients including ceramides that allow water retention by the skin.
  • For normal skin, a light cream is perfect and you confer skin soft and smooth
  • For oily skin, however, prefer a mattifying emulsion, gel or light non-greasy. Most matting products available on the market are perfect to mitigate the imperfections.

Some usage tips

The moisturizer applied daily before applying makeup on skin previously cleaned. This is a necessary step to avoid imperfection. Rub the cream by massaging with your fingertips so that it is absorbed by the skin.

The usefulness of night cream

The night cream is a complementary care to the day cream, it helps repair skin cells attacked during the day. At rest during the night, the skin more easily assimilated active generated by this type of cream (anti-wrinkle, firming, soothing)

Each season has its moisturizer

The skin reacts differently to each season, so it is important to adapt the moisturizer as it makes 35 ° C or -5 ° C. In winter, skin tends to dry out the wind and cold. It is therefore preferable to opt for a cream creamier and richer preventing tightness, and tingling. In contrast, summer, prefer a lighter cream and more volatile not to lubricate the skin .



How to choose moisturizer that suits us?

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