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How to choose the right color of lipstick

Lipstick perfect your complexion.It is the finishing touch, even essential, to your makeup.Also essential for a handbag, here are some tips for choosing the right color of lipstick.

Take stock

  • To choose the right color lipstick, certain criteria have to sift through. Determine your skin tone. Are you blond ? Redhead? Brown? Your skin is it more clear or matte?
  • Review your wardrobe. And you determine if you fit in rather neutral tones or color as taupe, beige or gray.
  • Finally, determine the makeup style that suits you best. Do you prefer natural makeup or, conversely, more sustained?
  • All these elements combined will help you choose the right color of lipstick.

In your tubes!

  • Although there are some basic rules for choosing the right color of lipstick, the best is yet to try. Do not hesitate to go to a specialty store where you can try on your own, different colors.For guidance, the basic principles do exist.
  • For rather clear complexions and blond hair, it is recommended to use soft colors like pink or peach. Generally, the pastel colors are recommended. A redhead will further highlighted by orange tones, brown or iridescent. For brown-skinned mates, a range of colors will be more important. Whether light or dark shades, while appropriate. The color will then depend on the chosen style makeup or clothing worn. Red is recommended for blondes or brunettes luscious, which will enhance the appearance of their spicy curves.
  • The important thing is to feel comfortable with the color range and it reveals the radiance of your skin.

A knowledge …

  • Shades of purple, lilac or mauve tend to yellow teeth. As for dark shades, they emphasize the paleness of the face and may, for clear complexions, giving a pale complexion. Brown, chocolate or plum tend to age.
  • The texture of the lipstick can highlight or not its color. The matte finish will give your lips creamy. The brilliant give volume to thin lips and finally lipsticks provide a nice pearly iridescent effect.

How to choose the right color of lipstick

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