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How to choose your type of hair?

How to choose your type of hair?

To choose the type of hair, it must be based on different criteria which are taken into consideration, thereby achieving their hair properly in all circumstances and at all times.

Choose the type of hairstyle can sometimes cause some problems.It is recommended to take into account the different elements needed to be crowned the best possible, on all occasions and in all head shapes for women or for men.

Her hair: Tips

  • Choose the type of hairstyle is not always obvious. Often when a person goes to the hairdresser, she does not know how to do hair. He must first consider his face shape before choosing a hairstyle ensuring that it will properly it can seek advice from his or her hairdresser hairdresser.
  • For a woman who wants to dye their hair, it is advisable to choose a color that will go with her complexion, and that will not be too shocking.
  • If a woman wants to keep long hair, he will further maintain that they were much shorter.During special events, such as marriage, if the person with the hair length, it can make a bun by adding some flowers, or possibly some beads.

Other types of hair

  • Choose the type of hairstyle can be complicated. If the person concerned has ears, it will be advisable to be cut very short, and if it is a man, and if this brush in order to hide from the ears up.
  • The thickness of the hair is also to consider before choosing a hairstyle. It is sometimes necessary to do a little thinned to achieve better hair.
  • A person who has very little hair should try to hide the apparent maximum white level of the skull. To do this, it will try to comb his hair a bit “pissed off” so that it shows as possible.
  • If a person has very little time to style in the morning, it is better that it has a relatively short and cut so as not to waste time.

How to choose your type of hair?

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