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How to clean makeup accessories?

The desire of each of its accessories clean makeup perfectly.The methods used are very simple and cheap

To clean makeup accessories, no need to use expensive products, quality products.The goal is to make clean, in good condition, nothing beats good natural techniques, such as water and soap.Thus they remain as new, reusable and endlessly.

Material makeup

  • Cleaning accessories makeup involves a great wash brushes, brushes, sponges, a good application for the next time. It goes without saying that hardened sponge, filled with powder of a different color, or hair brushes stuck to who can no longer serve, or even mascara brushes, which are pieces of eyelashes, all this is not very pleasant.
  • For optimum use, nothing is better than a good wash in warm water with soap (but not for all the accessories, of course).

Washing itself

  • To clean the accessories makeup, makeup sponges are placed in boiling water for a few minutes with shampoo. This helps loosen any dust that embeds itself in all the little holes.Meanwhile, brushes came under warm water. Soaked as shampoo, they are rubbed off the hair for many of them.
  • The same method is applied to the sponge puffs. For people who do not have the time to deal with another solution cleans her makeup accessories. Putting warm water in a bowl, mixed with bicarbonate, and leaving accessories soak overnight in, they will be as good as new the next morning. It only remains to rinse and dry.
  • To clean his makeup accessories, there is also the soap. Used as with the shampoo, utensils are rubbed with, rinsed with water and dried on a handkerchief, having taken care to redraw the shape of the latter.

How to clean makeup accessories

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