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How to clean your makeup brushes

A quality brush can last for years and for sure, we must make the interview. Here is how to clean and care for your brushes.


We bought a cleaner brushes. It helps to disinfect the hair to remove bacteria and prevent infections (especially around the eyes). It s’suffit spray a little product on a paper towel and wipe the brush on the soaked, gently, as if you apply the eyeshadow to the paper. It is also possible to spray the product on the bristles and make the same scan on paper towels. By cons, do not soak your brushes in the cleaning, because alcohol could dissolve a little glue and eventually your hair could take off. For the same reason, avoid using cleaner brush for an applicator sponge, take off quickly and accidentally damaged.


We use a gentle cleanser to wash (to wash delicate) or a mild shampoo like a baby shampoo. We deposited a few drops in the palm of your palm. It wets the brush hair with warm water keeping the hair down and passes slowly the brush in the palm of the hand in a sweeping motion angle. It never overwrites hair turning, hair could mingle and remain in this position. Then rinsed with warm water, always directing the hair down.

For spinning, using a paper towel and wound clean in the brush pressing lightly to remove water, and then is removed by pulling the brush handle holding down the finger and thumb shaped ring around the brush (not too tight, it would still not pluck hair ;). This technique allows the brush to be squeezed without damaging while allowing hair to maintain a good shape.

For drying brushes are deposited on the edge of a counter or a desk (at a safe distance from each other), leaving hair than in the open air and the handle on the cabinet.

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