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How To Design Sudanese Henna Designs Easily

If you want to know that how you can design the Sudanese henna designs in best way then don’t forget to read out this post. By the way of this post you will going to learn the method of applying the mehndi designs easily.

Method To Design Sudanese Henna Designs Easily:

If you want to design the Sudanese heena designs with own self help then you would need the following main equipment:

  1. Henna kit
  2. Metal-tipped squeeze bottle
  3. Design reference

Now as you have arranged all the items you have to mix up with the henna according to kit instructions. You should make the choice of the kit with a high quality henna powder. Now you have to apply the henna to your skin all the way by using a squeeze bottle with a metal tip. You have to draw the design onto your skin referring to a photo of your design if necessary. In the next you have to make the mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. Now just dab the mixture over the henna on your skin as every 15 minutes using a cotton ball. The lemon juice will going to help the henna paste moist for best adhesion to the skin. As much stronger the henna adheres, the deeper the stain on the skin. Now you just have to scrape off the dried henna by means of your fingernails after about six hours. Now just warm up the skin by applying eucalyptus essential oil to the henna stained area!  This will going to darken the color of the heena design and the eucalyptus warms the skin. Now you have to place the hands under a hairdryer or other heat source in support of faster darkening.  You have to stop washing this area of skin after removing the henna for at least 24-hours. This is mainly because of the reason that oap and water can break off the staining process. To get the darker color you can leave the henna on your skin overnight. You can make the use of dabbing the good amount of the lemon juice mixture over the area and then cover the area with plastic wrap.

So this was the complete method with the help of which you can get the perfect designing of Sudanese heena designs! Try it now!

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