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How To Design Your Own New Mehndi Designs For Wedding?

Do you want to know how to design your own new mehndi designs for the wedding day? Well we all know the fact that there is no single bride who would love to sit on the main wedding day without the application of mehndi design. As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will be finding so many designs and styles of mehndi designs that is all set with lovely patterns and motifs.

Best Ways To Design Your Own New Mehndi Designs For Wedding:

  1. In the very beginning you should be well aware from the designing of the various traditional patterns used in Mehndi designs. They can be found in mehndi designs book or online. Some patterns include loops, zigzags, leaves, hearts, swirls and more. You should practice drawing these small patterns on paper with a sharp pencil.
  2. You can even think about tracing the hand on a piece of paper. Just spread your fingers slightly on the paper, and trace your hand using the pencil. This gives you a template so that your mehndi design will fit on your hand. You can even trace your foot, as well, for a foot template.
  3. Now you should be creating the wedding mehndi design by drawing larger patterns out of the smaller designs you researched earlier. When you have created a design you like just draw it on the hand or foot template you made. This will help you figure out the placement of the henna art. You should be sure that each and very part of the hand and foot can be covered in a design.
  4. On the last we have the trick that you can take the best help of the carbon paper so the ink is facing up. You should place the final wedding mehndi design on the carbon paper with the design facing up. You can trace the design using a pencil. Just press firmly on the paper, but do not tear the paper. The will going to result as a transferable wedding mehndi.

If you are planning to design your mehndi designs with own help then don’t forget to take the help of mehndi designs books! They will going to assist you a lot in choosing with the best and stunning mehndi designs that are easy in application too. Try it now!

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