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How to disguise a round face

Once the lesson is learned, all will take you three minutes flat. Must be equipped, but you will not regret the investment. Do not skimp on quality, it would be wasteful.Example: a cheap brush is likely to be bad, so unusable brush with natural bristles soft and thin, more expensive, you will long for excellent service.

Essential tools:


  • large brush for loose powder and a brush for blush, a brush small, flat and firm, to hide blemishes and dark circles; advice: do not ever buy packaged, without touching, they are not silky, they are not good.
  • concealer and a concealer, if you have pimples and redness, plan also green, a illumineur to catch the light.
  • Two or three foundations (matting if you have oily skin) in different shades, from the lightest to the darkest. Try the inside of the wrist, check the color of daylight.
  • translucent powder to set the makeup without changing the color of the foundation, a fine powder close to your skin tone, but not dew powder non-iridescent sun to sculpt the face (be careful, sometimes they take to the red ).

In makeup, like clothes, do not follow trends blindly. What good to be fashionable, if you do not highlight? Adapt to your physique, there will always be something that will fit you perfectly. And do not worry, this is true for everyone, it is not a question of size, but of common sense.

We forget:

Powders and foundations pearly, iridescent, the brightness of any kind on the skin, it ‘inflates’ traits; milky shades, pastel, beige or too bright pinks, whatever complexion or for eye makeup, the blush cream or gel texture, bright and bold hairstyles with hair pulled back completely, round necklines, turtlenecks, high collars or choker, the loops round ears, applied directly to the ear, or too small and discrete (by contrast, the face looks even bigger).



Is adopted:

Mascara, eyeliner, eyes and eyebrows feature to catch the eye; generous necklines V, necklaces, chains that go down into the neck, always with a pendant (never without otherwise they remain round and round ..) earrings that descend adapted to the size of the face, but not falling over a long (by contrast with the thin wire, face widens).


To narrow a round face


Apply foundation darkest temples to the jaw, under the chin, the nose and below the cheekbones and blend outward. Illuminate the center of the chin, forehead and bridge of the nose with a lighter foundation, as well as the eyes (above illumineur or apply a concealer). To powder, like: the center line with clear or translucent powder, lez delicately highlighted with dark powder sun. Smile: drop on the cheeks blush too dark blend towards the temples. Check your work to the window before leaving.


If nature helps you, let thick enough, if not correct it. Avoid at all costs the online form very thin, or drooping, curving to the eye, it rounds. Real or drawn, Fend for you have neat, shaped bottom (lifting guaranteed): they must move outward and not exceed the angle of the eye. Fill gaps with their eye or eyebrow pencil, brush through. Give them the importance they deserve, as they are the cornerstone of your face.


First apply a light illumineur catchy and clear and matte shadow under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye (or a concealer, if needed). Insist on the upper lashes, draw a line with kohl or eyeliner, from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. Do not overload the lower lashes mascara and eyeshadow, it makes small eyes and contains the face. For shadows, use matte colors, well defined and rather dark.


On lips, avoid gloss clear lacquer and it gives volume to the mouth, which further widens the face. Draw the lip contour pencil and opt for red satin textures. If you have a small mouth with thin lips, powder first, Hem overflowing in the outline with a pencil or beige-pink flesh, then fill with a red satin in a light tone, but not pastel. You also avoid the excessive gloss, as darker colors and matte.

How to disguise a round face



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