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How To Do Eye Makeup In A Best Way?

Do you know how to do eye makeup? As we all know that eyes are the most important part of our face, they have to be appealing an attractive enough, and they need to look sharper and beautiful enough. If you want to have charming and attractive looking eyes then you need to know that how you can make them sharper and best looking! We have come many eye makeup but most of the girls and women do not know the correct process and procedure that how to do eye makeup and how to get best and perfect looking eyes.

How To Do Eye Makeup In A Best Way?

Here we are with this method that will let you know as to how to do eye makeup! It is one of the simplest method that will be telling you and giving you details that how you should carry on the eye makeup!

  • First, you need to have all the items that are important and necessary for an eye makeup. You need to have an eye concealer, foundation, eye makeup shades, eye liner, mascara and eye lashes. You should also be having the eye makeup brushes for the proper application.
  • As soon as you get all these items in hands, first wash your eyes and your face so that all the dirt from your face and eyes can be cleaned up, only then you can apply the eye makeup in the proper way.
  • After washing the face, start applying the eye concealer, this concealer will give an equal tone to your eyes, it will give fresh look to your eyes. If you have dark circles around your eyes then this concealer will instantly remove all the black circles around your eyes.
  • Right after the concealer, take the eye makeup shades, take the light, medium and dark color eye makeup shade, make sure that you pick up those eye makeup shades that match with your dress. Always pick those eye makeup shades that also match with the event, if it is a day event then go for light eye makeup and if it is a night and an evening event then go for dark eye makeup.
  • Now, start applying the eye shadows, first the lighter one, then the medium one and then the darker one! The darker eye shadow has to be applied at the corner edges of the eyes.

Start blending the eye shadows as in the minute you will be all confirm that the blending part is done then apply the mascara and the eye liner. It is all done now!

Now, try out this eye makeup style and let us know your remarks too!

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