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How To Do Layer Hair Cutting At Home Perfectly

Do you want to know how to do layer hair cutting at home? Well we all know that all the women love to cut their hairs at home as they don’t find any trust in the salons. Layered hairstyle is becoming one of the most famous and favorite hairstyles among the women.

Steps For How To Do Layer Hair Cutting At Home:

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Main Items For Layer Hair Cutting At Home:
1. Towel
2. Mirror
3. Spray bottle along with water and a comb.
Now we will going to explain in detail that how to do layer hair cutting at home in easy way in the form of tutorial:
Step No 1: You should make sure that you have clean the hairs properly with the help of shampoo and conditioner. Dry hairs will going to help you a lot in giving the best shape to the hairs. With the wet hairs you will going to have additional control over the hairs.
Step No 2: Now you have to start by taking small section of the hairs and then you have to comb it straight in between your index and middle finger.You should make sure that you cut a half inch at one time if your a beginner.
Step No 3: As you are all done with the cutting from the few sections you should take other section of the hairs so that you can cut it down evenly.
Step No 4: If you are thinking about cutting the hairs in layers then you should decide first that either you want low layers around the bottom of your hair line or throughout your entire head.
Step No 5: In favor of the low layers you have to start with the back section towards the top of the head. Now you have to bring the hair up. Now out at 45 degrees create the cut at the length you want your layers. Be sure that it should be above the bottom hair line. For example if you think that your hairs are all one length and you want the layers to fall 1 inch above the hair line then you should bring the hair up to angle just mentioned cut 1 inch off.
Step No 6: On the last of the home hair cutting now you have to keep on holding the hairs and then bring the hairs back down.
Well we hope that with the help of this article all the readers must have learnt that how to do layer hair cutting at home! Try it now!

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